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With a pacemaker do I have to be concerned with stadium and airport metal detectors?




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by Tanno - 2022-11-17 15:50:16

Hi Ron,

This relates to me as I recently got my pacemaker, and then travelled 4 days after haha.

I have a "Medtronic Azure S DR MRI SureScan W3DR01" and had absolutely no issues going through airport security, in-fact I was a little upset I didn't get beeped as I got my card ready to show them.

Hope this helps.

Stadium security are most likely to use a wand on you

by crustyg - 2022-11-18 06:05:35

I move around quite a bit and so far, the only time I've had an issue was at a sports stadium where I was wanded.  As soon as the wand started to beep over my PM I said to the operator 'that'll be my pacemaker' and the wand was swiftly moved away.  Perhaps I should have been subjected to a pat-down (but I don't fit the profile, except as a mule, witting or unwitting) and all was ok.

If I set off the metal detector at an airport I always ask was that a positive or a random - and so far it's always been random.  I get a *lot* more hassle when the x-ray scanner operator sees the mass of wires, power supplies, electronics etc. in my carry-on luggage.  My underwater video light used to really freak them out - very large battery, cylindrical and controlling electronics.  I pack using packing cubes and increasingly they make me unpack each cube that contains electronics.  Sigh.

it's fine

by Tracey_E - 2022-11-18 11:29:00

Two weeks ago I set off metal detectors at several cruise ports in Europe. Before that, I hadn't set off anything in more than 5 years- airports, concerts, courthouses, stadiums, and Caribbean cruise ports. I always walk through, it won't hurt us just don't linger. If they end up wanting to use a wand, it needs to stay below the waist. 

Metal detectors

by AgentX86 - 2022-11-20 12:18:40

As Tracey sais, wand style metal detectors are a problem.  If you run into that problem, tell them that you have a pacemaker and to please keep it below the waist. Trained security officers will know this, as you noted when you said that he quickly removed it. The other style that can be a problem was the whole body magnetometers.  Airports have gotten rid of them in favor of the milllimeter-wave detectors (stand on the footprints and raise your arms).  These are no problem at all.  I still see the old magnetometers at courthouses. They probably got them for the price of junk from the TSA. I warn secutity when I see one and they often wand me below the waist.  Most I've come across are retired police officers and are accomidating. Some are minimum wage types who have no idea what they're doing and really, no interest.

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