Hi Jer , a while back you mentioned that you were having some  family problems.  Was wondering how you are coping?  Also hope it is not creating anymore health problems, for you.

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Been Better, Been Worse

by MinimeJer05 - 2022-11-21 16:21:18

New to Pace,

Thanks for checking in! I am still going through the family issues, but was given more clarity as to what happened (long story short, there was an affair that I didn't know about for the past 2 years) -- so that sucks, but at least I know that isn't my fault -- I was lied to and mislead for several years. 

I am coping to the best of my ability. My dcotors have prescribed me some sleeping medications and anti-depressants as I have troubles sleeping now. I am seeing a therapist weekly and focusing on exercising and eating healthy -- I have lost 15lbs.

My cardilogist upped my metoprolol to 75MG twice a day (fast acting, they cancelled the idea of trying the long-lasting one) and that seems to have REALLY helped my heart settle down. Haven't had any SVTs since my last post and noticed my heart is now hanging out in the 70-90s instead of the mid-100s.

I finally got a call from the Mayo Clinic and I have appts scheduled for 12 weeks out.

Our house is going on the market in 2 days and I have found an apartment that I am going to try to rent -- so at least I know I won't be homeless after all of this.

Lots of change and uncertainty, but I am trying to face it with optimisim and positivity. Everything happens for a reason and I hope to find out what the reason of this was. 

I am grateful that my health has been otherwise good and uneventful. I still experience the vertigo and foggy vision, but it hasn't gotten worse (I'd say it might have gotten better).

Thanks again for checking in.

Take care


Thanks Jer

by Lavender - 2022-11-21 19:30:53

You're stronger than you know. 
Life can and will morph but we are resilient!


by new to pace.... - 2022-11-21 23:27:43

thanks for sharing glad and you are feeling better.

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