data transfer technic like Bluetooth, a risc of interference?

...what is about the data transfer technic from all the stuff, we use, like bluetooth or other? Are the monitors, chest straps, headphones, watches, handys really passiv?

Bosoton says:

Use precautions: As this wireless technology usually uses Bluetooth, maintain at least 
a 6 inch (15 cm) separation between the activity tracker and implanted device due to 
Bluetooth technology. This is a device or application that may track steps taken, 
distance walked or run, calories consumed, and in some cases heartbeat and quality 
of sleep. The tracker may be synchronized, in many cases wirelessly, to a computer or 
smartphone. In some activity trackers, heart rate is measured 2 ways: 1) By LED lights 
which reflect onto the skin to detect blood volume changes or 2) by using a chest 
strap which measures and sends the heart rate to a wrist watch.


Data transfer

by AgentX86 - 2022-11-21 21:55:31

Yes, modern pacemakers use Bluetooth/LP as their communications technology.  This interface can only be used for remote interrogation.  It cannot be used to modify anything in the PM for secutity reasons.  To modify anything in the PM, near-field communications is used and only in the cardiologist's office (usually by the PM tech).

The warnings are just that.  They're covering their collective butts by making such dire warnings.  The conservative approach is not to use anything with Bluetooth.  That's what the lawyers would like to say. "Take no chances".

Since the pacemaker only uses Bluetooth to report to the base station during a remote interrogation, interferrence with the Bluetooth channel would be irrelevant for everyday operation.  The worst case is that a transmission would be missed.  Bluetooth is designed to work with Bluetooth interferrence (in fact, all 2.4GHz wireless technology). It's quite robust, considering how cheap it is to implement.

No, Bluetooth interferrence is right down there at the bottom of my concerns. And, I don't have a long list of concerns that aren't at the bottom.


by stevebne - 2022-11-23 20:48:29

My personal experience with Garmin HRM chest straps (which uses bluetooth as well as ANT+) and even having my iphone (by accident) in a chest pocket over the PM was that absolutely nothing happened at all to the PM, functioning normally at rest and with exercise.

iPhone over PM

by The Right Pace Make Peace - 2022-11-27 19:53:51

Not a good idea!

The iPhone magnet can potential interfere the PM, sure!

Your doc use the effect to manage PM-function.

I take my iPhone in a arm-bag on the other side from PM 

Scientific investigation have shown, that the iPhone must be direkt over PM without any distance for interference ... 

so far not a problem

by dwelch - 2022-12-29 14:27:09

the long range radio frequency on the pacers is as AgentX86 described.  Before they used the bluetooth protocol, they were at that frequency but just another protocol (same type of paper and font and font size but writing in a different language).  

2.4Ghz has been in use for products for a long time, early cordless phones, various other things.  I have had pacers for 35 years, no ill effects.  And I know what it feels like when the pacer is not doing its thing.

Hugging transformers or large motors or generators.  Welding.  Or other large magnetic fields are the things you should avoid.  You are good other than that.  Yes the iphone magnet and stronger magnets in general will put the device in magnet mode, basically changing your heart rate to reflect the battery level.  Remove the magnet and it should return to normal, the primarly concern there is the switch does not return and your pacer is stuck in that mode.  So while you should not try this, the typical fridge magnet is not strong enough, but there are very strong ones like the ones used to remove the security devices at a department store, and possibly ones strong enough to center/hold a phone in place.  so keep that stuff 6 inches away, it wont reprogram it, it should not have long term effects, but also not a party trick to change your heart rate.  In general the phone boxes are a thing of the past, a few of us still have our old ones with the magnet.  If you go in for some medical procedure, they will have a magnet as well as this also puts you in a fixed rate mode, they know what they are doing...and have you hooked up to machines.  Other than that follow the 6 inch rule.  


as far as radio signals and other emu, 6 inches as well, but the world is full of signals and they wont affect you.  the signals in a phone are not strong enough to be noticed, be it the bluetooth or other.  tv stations, radio, etc not strong enough.  If you climb the radio tower, and dont get electricuted on the way up, then sure, that might be strong enough...



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