Bob Quick’s Journey

I'd like to briefly post about someone I encountered about 6 years ago and have been following off and on since. He's an inspirational story for anyone encountering heart issues and feeling down about themselves

Bob Quick is an ICD recipient who also has 20 stents in his heart. He is also a recovering addict who just celebrated 18 years sober. I met Bob when he was riding his bicycle across the country to raise money for St. Jude children's hospital. Yes, this was his first ride across the country after receiving his stents and ICD. I think he has ridden across the country now at least twice, maybe three times. 

Nonetheless, Bob always has a very positive attitude. You may not agree with some of his political views he talks about on social, but he always puts things in perspective for me when I'm feeling down or restricted. PMA (positive mental attitude)

Bob recently had another heart attack. You can learn more and get updates from his Facebook page I linked above. 


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