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I'm a Government staff from India. I have my pacemaker implantation due within 6  months. Here in India, My State Belongs to Kerala. Kerala Government staff's are allowed to take special casual leaves of 45 days for Open heart surgery which is mentioned in the service rules which was framed on 1965.That days Pacemaker implantation is rarest of the rare in here . Now angioplasty, angiography, pacemkaer are common here.Based on that law that consituted on 1965, on 2019,some one has raised a doubt reagrding how many days can be allowed for angioplasty post recovery . Government has sanctioned 30 days for angioplasty procedure and post recovery through special orders approved on the ministerial level .Getting   leaves other than casual leaves for pacemaker post surgery recovery, government need to pronounce executive order's on ministerial level,since there is no standing orders in this regard exists.When I raised a submission reagrding this one, government officials in the lower level has taken a stand initially on the file that Pacemaker implantation is not a major process when compared to angioplasty and the patient can leave the hospital that day itself and within one week rerun to office work(May be they referred this issued on some American sites ).But the higher officials has contratridicted their juniors view and considered my submission on the right sense and they have a sent query regarding clarification in this matter to the health department.

My job mainly consists of typing in the computer.My Pacemaker which is already implanted  is on the right chest.So my question is that after how many days from the surgery, I can go back to work.Please remember I'm from India, not Europe and America.Our health standards are different.


With reference to the experts opinion only government will pronounce executive orders regarding special casual leaves.

And is there any app or Instagram group for Pacemakers


I see you have had a pacemaker for a number of years

by Gemita - 2022-11-27 04:48:56

Abhilash12, I see you have a fairly long history with a pacemaker, so you will know what to expect following an implant?  You should also know how your system works in India and how to get clearance?  

I am assuming you are talking about a replacement device?  If this is the case, recovery should be a lot faster with fewer restrictions.  If this is not the case, then recovery from implant surgery will depend on a number of factors and only you and your doctors can really answer this question.  For example:

- Whether any new implant procedure was straightforward, without complications and whether you feel well enough to return to work? 

- Whether your wound is healing nicely?  Obviously an infection would need treating.

- Whether you have any pain or other discomfort which may need treating before you can return to work?

- Whether your new pacemaker or replacement pacemaker is working well for you and has corrected your heart condition for which the pacemaker was recommended/replaced?  If this is not the case, the pacemaker may need some adjustments first before you can safely return to work.

I see you work with a computer, so this should not delay any return to work.  Following a successful new implant/replacement device, you should be feeling much better.  You should ideally have a pacemaker/wound check before returning to work.  With a replacement implant however, providing you feel well and the wound is well protected and your doctor is happy for you to resume your office work, then you should return to work when you feel ready to do so, perhaps the next day or after a few days?

As you will know, it is important that we keep moving gently to avoid stiffness and that we follow any wound care instructions.  There are some restrictions on first implant with carrying weights/raising arm, pacemaker side and avoiding vigorous exercise for about six weeks.  For a replacement device (battery change) only however, recovery is much faster with fewer restrictions.  They open the wound, disconnect the old device from the leads, re-attach the new device to your old leads, and then close the wound. 

Plan:  I would go back and ask your doctors for a letter to:-

(1) confirm your heart condition

(2) the type of pacemaker procedure you have had (new implant or replacement implant)? 

(3) the date on which you will be able to safely start work and to resume normal activities like driving?  

I would then present this letter to your employer


by AgentX86 - 2022-11-27 22:41:20

I worked (retired now) mostly in front of a computer (engineer) so didn't have a physically stressful job.  I was back to work the day after I was discharged (overnight because I was then dependent).  I would have been back that day except that it was too late in the day (and I'd rather have lunch with my wife 😉). I was back to my walking, albeit not quite as much, the day after.  Recovery can be very fast or very complicated.  I'd think your government would want to put more flexibility into this rule.

When I had open heart surgery, I was out nine weeks. That aligns with your government's policy pretty well.  Again, there has to be some latitude. I had the complication of bronchitis (miserable after the sternotomy) just when I was discharged but nine weeks was still good.  My employer would have allowed more but I would have had to justify it.

I don't understand the 30 days for angioplasty.  I was told a week, at most.  It didn't happen because they couldn't stent it and had to have the bypass surgery.

Obviously customs are different around the world.

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