Update of Repositioning

I had some good news from the surgeon followup after the CT scan.  My leads are not damaged from the CRT-D dropping and flipping 90 degrees when I lie on my right side.  He said the leads are very vulnerable and I am lucky.  I breathed a sigh of relief and said I guess it wasn't going to be complicated, but he quickly answered where the CRT-D is it is very complicated and he only does complicated cases.  The CT scan had amazing 3D images, adjusting filters and being able to see all angles of my device and leads. I'm set for Dec 14, with a few more tests to be scheduled for next week. I will spend the first day or so in ICU, then moved to a step down cardiac unit until discharge, probably 2 days. He will place the device under the pectoral muscle and stitch it down very well. He is anxious to find out why the CRT-D has dropped down so far.  




by new to pace.... - 2022-12-04 06:49:37

So good to hear Karen that you have a doctor who understands and will get your CRT-D stitched right this time.  

new to pace 

At last some reassuring news

by Gemita - 2022-12-04 07:00:36

Karen, that is good news about the leads and I hope your upcoming repositioning procedure will be successful in a safe pair of hands.  I think you should be optimistic that it will go well for you.  The 3D imaging sounded amazing and no doubt has given your doctors lots of information for the procedure.

I send my best wishes for a safe and successful repositioning of your device which would be a wonderful early Christmas present.  Please return and let us know how it went when you have recovered


by Julros - 2022-12-04 11:02:51

This is wonderful, reassuring news. I know well the relief in finding a surgeon who listens and cares about the person, not just the device. Imaging modalities are indeed amazing in what they can do. 

Good report!

by Lavender - 2022-12-04 16:53:21

So comforting to have a surgeon who sounds efficient and confident. May all go smoothly and once you heal-more adventurous living like you enjoy!


by AgentX86 - 2022-12-04 17:56:35

I don't understand the cardiac ICU or the two nights but there must be something else that we (I) don't know about going on here. It seems excessive for a repositioning of the device.

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