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Hi everyone I have the medtronics carelink monitor. The battery in the unit you put to your chest is not able to hold a charge long enough to download the information from my ICD.I tried to get a new unit but they are day 4 to 6 weeks.I took the unit apart and  it has no numbers on the battery. I know it's a no no to replace the battery according to medtronic. Does anyone have a voltage or part number for the battery? Thanks in advance. 


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by Alan Wrench - 2022-12-14 06:51:41

Thank you Angry Sparrow.I will speak to someone today about it.I did ask about it and getting one sooner but the medtronic representative went into the whole supply chain thing.I asked him about getting a battery and went into the no user serviceable parts.Maybe I can talk to a different person. 


by Gemita - 2022-12-14 09:27:19

Alan, I wouldn’t recommend “wrenching” your reader open to get to your batteries, but I think you know this already.   If the unit didn’t work before, it certainly won’t work now.  With an ICD I would expect a better service from your pacemaker clinic, particularly with serious arrhythmias that need watching.  I would go back to your clinic for advice if you are having trouble transmitting any symptomatic episodes.

Your Bio is empty.  Perhaps you would like to give us some information about yourself and your ICD/pacemaker?  When was it implanted and why?

I have a Medtronic pacemaker (Ensura).  I use a downloadable My Care Link Smart phone App which has been paired with my pacemaker to manually send data to my clinic on an as needed basis.  I did originally have the bulky phone monitor which automatically sent data nightly until it stopped working.  Now I don’t need nightly monitoring since my arrhythmias are well controlled.    Unfortunately my 2018 pacemaker isn’t able to directly connect to the App via Bluetooth due to the model/age of my pacemaker so I need a MyCareLink Smart Patient reader to connect my pacemaker manually with the App to send data.  This particular reader unit comes with 3 x Panasonic AA alkaline batteries (LR6XWA 1.5V/1.5V)  


by Alan Wrench - 2022-12-14 10:01:55

Gemita,thanks for your input.I have already opened the unit and see the battery and if it had the had the battery I am more then qualified to replace it.They know what they are doing everything else that i have worked on has battery numbers on it. .I have been in the electronics field and industry for 20+ years.I  have been shocked 4 times in the last 2 months ­čś│ and the remote device is does not have the battery to download and send.Like I said before 4 to 6 weeks to get a replacement? Medtronics can't do better?Spending hours to go to the Dr to be read is nonsense.Sometime you need to take matters into your own hands.By the way they use a t10 torx bit not an Allen wrench which also annoys me.


by Alan Wrench - 2022-12-14 10:30:55

Apparently my Doctor called and it went from 4 to 6 weeks to tomorrow lol.Thanks for everyone's feedback. 

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