I have persistent atrial fribrulation and am scheduled to have a pacemaker implanted 1/20/.

I'm 68 years old and an avid cyclist. My EP doctor has recommended a Boston Scientific PM because of its ability to measure breathing in order to raise heart rate rather than Medtronic's motion sensor since upper body movements are minimal while.

I'm wondering if anyone in PM club has a testimony to  the Boston Scientific's ability to sense respiration?




Testimonials galore from me!

by crustyg - 2022-12-18 09:30:08

I can - and do - bore for The World about Boston Sci's Minute Ventilation and how good this is for road cycling - when it's been properly tuned.

Have a search for some of my contributions.

Having said that, there are a couple of contributors here for whom BostonSci/MV hasn't been a success. I *think* I might know why and can suggest ways to avoid this.

Several folk here have had their PMs replaced (at normal replacment time) with BostonSci specifically for road-cycling, with some success.

Feel free to send me a PM if you wish, and I'll happily share my settings.

Best wishes.


by stevebne - 2022-12-18 20:34:18

I heartily agree with Crusty!

I am back competing in Triathlons with my BS pacemaker (I am 63YO)!

The respiratory sensor is essential for cycling as the motion on the bike is viewed by the sensor as 'stable velocity' and hence the accelerometer doesn't help increase HR.

It is essential that post insertion at 6 weeks the settings are adjusted to match your athletic needs. There are 10 different settings and it takes a bit fiddling to get these work best for you.

Note that all PM work best with running, less well with cycling and not very well for swimming. 

Crusty very kindly helped me with these and I am happy to share my settings if you need them down the track.

Minute Ventilation tweaks

by rmarkley - 2022-12-25 23:42:31

I just had a BS Accolade L331 implanted. I am a biker and the PM has been of no help, so far on my bike trainer-a Wahoo Kickr hooked to Zwift. I am going in to the EP early January to get the PM adjusted. I am 83 and have been biking since I was 72 on a Roubaix. What settings should I ask the Techs at the EP lab to adjust and what would good numbers be. I have App A the programmable options from the BS set up book. So I would be looking at MV REsponse factr, MV Fitness level, Age, Ventilatory Threshold, Ventilatory Threshold Response, for starters. They will put me on a bicycle stress test device when they have adjusted the PM. Additional adjustments as needed. Probably take a couple of sessions to get it homed in.

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