My Pacemaker details❤️

First thank you  🙏 Gemita and Lavender for your interest and welcome 🤗 

 I will add a bit more information about my device and while I live in Australia over 50 years I was born and raised in Slovenia 🇸🇮...Europe 
I am not on any medications and I was fitted with  Medtronic:Ensura DR MRI SureScan Pacemaker....Model: EN1DR01 on 22/04/2016. But on 27/04/2016 ; while still in hospital they find out one of the leads did not function,so in we go again🤔 I am paced about 24 % of the time,apparently mostly while I sleep. 

Apart from the the surprise and other injuries I didn't not have any issues with my Pacemaker or Heart since. First 6 months were harder; not so much about the Pacemaker but more about the fact I didn't  have any memory of the actual fall and what ensued ....and still don't!? My husband was with me on that day and feels the gap's 💝...he was in front of me and did not see the actual fall...only the painful 😓 aftermath ⁉️We were about 2 hours away from any Hospital...Life happens in its own time 🙏🏻  I Hope you don't struggle to much with my English and storytelling!? 
Does anyone know how to include - insert some pictures? Gemita I see you got profile picture ... I like to do that as well. Thanks everyone. Always Stay safe and well  ♥️   Happy New Year...2023💞  Thank our Hearts 🥰 daily...Life is beautiful  



Your English is fine Millie and so is the story-telling

by Gemita - 2022-12-26 03:47:20

Thank you for the update.  As you will see from my Bio, I have the exact same pacemaker as you.  So does my husband, although he only has a single lead pacemaker.  I hope you get good service from your device from now on and that the battery will last for a while longer.

Thank you for letting us know your pacing percentage.  I pace 100% in my upper chamber (right atrium) and only about 4% in the right ventricle (lower chamber).  We will all have very different pacing percentages depending on our settings, our pacing requirements and our health condition(s). 

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In fact after the final "tweaks" of my pacemaker programming at the one year check up it is working so well that I forget I have it.