Recent Experience with Accolade RightRate Minute Ventilation settings

I have a BS Accolade L331 PM. I am a biker, so I need the Minute Ventilation feature to function well for me. I am going to meet with my EP, his technical people and a rep.from Boston Scientific on Jan.13, 2023. They will adjust the PM and then put me on a bicycle stress test device to see if their settings are any good. We may have to go around a few times to get it right.

I am looking for other bikers experiences with Minute Ventilation. What settings did you end up with Response Factor, Fitness level, bkers age-current or modified up or down, Ventilatory Threshold, Ventilatory Threshold Response, and other appropriate settings?  Thank you 


Have a look at the two links I have provided in case they help

by Gemita - 2022-12-28 08:20:52

RMarkley, a couple links below will hopefully be helpful to start the conversation with your device technicians and EP.  I usually find searching the internet generally more helpful than using our "Q" search facility (top upper right on your screen) - at least I get more hits by typing questions into my main browser and searching the general internet, asking questions like:  Pacemaker Club Boston Scientific Accolade cycling settings.

You will need to copy and paste the links provided into your main general browser to open them.  If you haven't already seen the first link, it is an excellent thread and should be particularly relevant (discussing chronotropic incompetence, AF and specific settings for cycling).  Again, I send my best wishes and hope that you will make good progress

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