Thank you 🙏🏻 Gemita for deleting my accidental double post. I did try to deleted...no success. Maybe you should post me a note how to?! 🙏🏻❤️

In six year since my implant I did not have a single fainting episode.... if I  excluding some  "weirdness"  after my Covid jab⁉️😁....heard from other folks the same.....thankfully it only happened with the first jab....had 3 in total😊

Me and my husband are Nature lovers.... always on the move...time permitting. I am very aware how quickly things can change in life,regardless of our ages😌

In few years I will be due to have my first Pacemaker replacement and I  am beginning to be curious about monitoring from home options⁉️ are they worth considering and who is intitled to get them?

Happy New Year 🥳 


Home monitoring

by Gemita - 2022-12-31 07:20:57

Hello Millie,

From your comments, I am assuming your clinic has not provided you with a home monitor yet?  Or are you perhaps also wondering about what personal home monitors we all use like blood pressure monitors, oxygen and heart rate monitors, monitors to detect a heart rhythm problem for example?

Who is entitled to receive a home monitor with their pacemaker?   It will be different for each one of us depending where we live, on the policy of the health authority and hospital.  In the UK according to the hospitals we attend, a patient is only generally offered home monitoring if our doctors feel there is a need for closer monitoring of a patient, for example if they have a serious heart condition or a dangerous arrhythmia that needs closer follow up. Therefore a patient with a pacemaker and a defibrillator, for example for heart failure or for a dangerous arrhythmia, will clearly need more careful monitoring than a patient whose heart condition has been completely fixed by their pacemaker alone, for example if the patient received a pacemaker for heart block or for sinus node disease.

However, having said the above, since Covid and the desire to keep patients away from hospitals, more monitoring equipment seems to be offered now even in the UK.  This saves money, time and travel difficulties experienced by many elderly patients who may no longer be physically able to reach their hospitals.

Millie you need to ask your hospital what their monitoring policy is, whether at your device battery change, you might be offered home monitoring?  I believe home monitoring will be used more in the future.  We have the technology, so why not?

As far as deleting a double post is concerned, you need to do this quickly before members have had time to comment on your post, otherwise you will remove their comments also as your post is deleted.  You need to be logged on to delete your duplicate post, then press the little Edit button and then press Delete.  That should delete your entire message

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