Thank you soooo much Gemita and Old male.  Your feedback truly helps to calm my jittery nerves.  New medication makes me antsy.


I am glad you are feeling better

by Gemita - 2023-01-02 04:24:22

Moana, I was just the same, probably worse.  It took me months before I was willing to accept that I might just need an anticoagulant and even longer to start it.  My cadiologist was ready to discharge me.  I discharged him instead and found a doctor who was prepared to listen to my real concerns over having to take lifelong anticoagulation.  It took time to find a suitable anticoagulant and dosage for me (Edoxaban 30 mg, once daily for low body weight (under 60 kg)).   Been on it since 2016 with no ill effects whatsoever.  With all meds, it will be trial and error until we find something suitable.  Good luck 

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