Ventricular Lead Placement

How many of you have one of the more recently developed areas of placement of the ventricular lead such as at the LBB (left bundle branch), HIS bundle or ventricular septum? How are you doing with your leads? Any problems or all going well? Please comment on any complications.Thank you!


Ventricular lead placement

by Gemita - 2023-01-20 06:32:33

FG, you will already have details of some of our members with HIS Bundle pacing, LBB pacing and RV septal area pacing from your earlier posts, but if you cannot locate these threads or the names of the members, let me know and I will try to help.  

If you don't get responses to this post, suggest you contact by private message any member who has conduction system pacing or who might be paced in the right ventricle septal area, to ask how they are doing, since they may not see this post.

Of course, as you will appreciate, the results/success of any pacemaker implant surgery will depend not only on the location of the lead placement, but also on the patient's heart condition being treated, their age and other health conditions, the expertise of their surgeon to place the leads in the best possible position to capture the heart beat and whether or not there are any complications, like an infection, dislodgement.  Each one of us will have a very different experience.

As you will know, both my husband and I have our right ventricle lead placed in the septal area.  I have a dual lead pacemaker and am 100% paced in the right atrium, with less than around 8% pacing in the right ventricle.  Apart from my arrhythmias, I am doing well with pacing. It has improved my quality of life by lifting my heart rate and keeping it steady at 70 bpm.  At this rate, it has also helped ease symptoms from my arrhythmias too.  

My husband only has a single lead pacemaker to his right ventricle and he is having a high percentage of pacing in his right ventricle now, more than 85%.  Before his pacemaker he had signs of right sided heart failure (pulmonary hypertension being the cause) and now after 5 years of pacing he is still very much with us and doing so much better than before his pacemaker.  He still gets breathless and has presyncope spells, but this seems to be due more to his AF and other arrhythmias than due to problems with his pacing.  So clearly pacing for us has not been noticeably detrimental FG.

I hope you can find a doctor you can trust and will be able to move forward with confidence.   Most importantly, I hope you can get your Atrial Fibrillation treated effectively since I know how much AF can adversely affect our wellbeing . . . and also our pacing no matter where our leads are placed. 

found them

by FG - 2023-01-20 12:43:02

Yes Gemita thank you I searched and had found your earlier references and was just fishing for a few more answers... you know as people come and go on a website a fresh inquiry may get some more answers. Maybe leads are just no longer a big problem but I always want to know more!!


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