Clothing To Block RFID and EMP

My PM has been installed for 3 days and I have been reading the Medtronic owners manual. I am a remote pilot and a metal fabricator. 

I was wondering if I can buy clothes to protect my PM from interference that comes from the remote controllers that I use to control the drones that I fly during missions. The Medtronic Manual says keep antennas 6 inches away from the PM. Knowing me, I will forget that during most missions because the controller is strapped around my neck.

Also, would those clothes let me continue to do the welding that I have enjoyed all my life?

Thanks for any helpful information on manufacturers of reputable protective clothing.


A little experience

by Jmiller - 2023-01-20 12:33:07

I wanted to get into RC gliders again after retirement but reluctant because I had a ICD/Pacemaker implanted a number of years ago.   I asked the manufacture and if I remember right they didn't advise it.  Finally asked my cardiologist and he said they are pretty shielded and give it a try and if it makes you feel bad stop.   And I have to say for a long time after having the PM in I was always worried, now I forget I even have it in.   Anyway I gave it a try, first the old 72mHZ then the newer 2.4 GHz and absolutely not impact.   I don't worry about how close I hold it to me chest, I just fly.   Every time I get it interrogated there is no sign of any issues or alerts due to the transmitter.   I fly a lot now with a club and complete, don't even think about it.  Another member of the group just got a PM and he has no issues either, in fact he never thought about it having a potential impact  I have gotten too close to a speaker magnet and felt that but never from RC.   Hope this helps, maybe try it and think about keeping it away from your chest and get comforable with it.   

cya world

by Tracey_E - 2023-01-20 14:29:58

it's a cya world and much of the advice we are given is more about the lawyers than what is truly unsafe for us. Newer pacers are very well shielded and very little affects them. 

Bottom line....

by AgentX86 - 2023-01-20 16:21:24

No.  Magnetic interference isn't going to be stopped by any clothing or shield you could wear.  I'm not sure why you'd want to block RFID, there is nothing about RFID that would affect your pacemaker. As Tracey said, the world is run by lawyers, half of them trying to keep ahead of the other.


by WiredInside - 2023-01-21 09:03:30

Thanks for the helpful comments. Best wishes.

As far as "why" I would want to block RFID? After speaking with the Medtronic representative on the phone, and receiving the chart he emailed me showing the RFID/EMP levels that my device could safely withstand, I felt that it might warrant some concern. Beyond that, as a new PM recipient I am learning the basics about this device. I have been a pacemaker/defibrilator recipient for less than a week. Still navigating the information related to this new piece of hardware in my chest. Hope that helps yoou understand my thought process. Cheers.

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