grandsons pacemaker

My grandson had a pacemaker installed about four months ago.  He is 6 years old.  We are planning on taking him to Disney World .  Any advice on precautions that we might need to take would be appreciated. 


Aw the lil trooper

by Lavender - 2023-01-21 12:02:56

Such a young guy dealing with a pacemaker!

I found this online from Disney:

Manufacturers of Implantable Pacemaker and Cardioverter-Defibrillators (ICDs) typically recommend that you keep your medical device 9 inches (23 cm) away from RF transmitters comparable to the one found inside the MagicBand+ and MagicBand, and touch points found throughout Walt Disney World Resort.  If you suspect interference with your device is taking place, move away from the RF device so it is at least 9 inches (23 cm) away from your Pacemaker or ICD. Insulin Pumps, Neuro-Stimulators, Hearing Aids and RF Technology  Every device differs so we encourage you to check directly with your device manufacturer and physician.

On each attraction’s web page, you’ll see Safety, Accessibility, and Guest Policies posted; this is where you’ll see any health and safety warnings. Additionally, you may filter Walt Disney World Resort’s attractions by Accessibility & Advisories. It might also be helpful to read over the Radio Frequency technology information, as the Radio Frequency technology in MagicBands may interfere with an implanted pacemaker. These resources can help you and your doctor plan your visit with your health in mind.

copy and paste:

also this pacemaker site discussion:

depends who you ask

by Tracey_E - 2023-01-22 20:32:43

Ask his doctor for limitations. 

If you ask Disney, they don't want us on anything faster than the carousel. That's the lawyers, not the doctors talking.

I live in Fl and have had annual passes more years than not at both Disney and Universal. The only thing I don't ride at Disney is the Aerosmith coaster and the Slinky Dog coaster due to magnetic brakes. I would imagine his height will keep him off more things than his heart.

That said, my leads are well established. His leads are not. I would be more conservative if you go before his leads are 6-12 months old. Stay off anything that has a lot of centifugal force or large hills until after that one year mark.

Also, some rides bounce a lot such as Big Thunder Railroad. If he paces with rate response, these rides will make his heart rate go up because they are based on motion. This is harmless, but he may think it feels odd. 

It's perfectly safe to walk through security with everyone else and to wear a magic band. Magic bands don't have anywhere near enough strength to cause any issues. RFID doesn't cause problems, it's a transponder only. 

If you have more questions about specific rides, please let me know. 

Wally World

by AgentX86 - 2023-01-22 22:49:10

Rides with magnetic brakes can be problematic. These are pretty wild rides and I seriously doubt they'd let a 6yo on these rides anyway.

wild rides

by Tracey_E - 2023-01-24 09:41:59

Disney is more about the experience, not the rides. The crazy rides are at the other parks lol. Even the wildest ride at Disney is pretty tame. The Aerosmith coaster I mentioned is all inside so the hills are pretty small. But they do have a couple of newer ones that use magnetic brakes. Magnetic brakes allow for very fast starts/stops. 

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