Tomorrow is the day

Getting my ICD implant tomorrow. Did all the research I could but would love to hear from anyone with direct experience as to their procedure and recovery. 


Stay safe and all the very best for a successful procedure

by Gemita - 2023-01-31 07:19:29

Hello Rhaag75, just wishing you all the very best for your procedure today which I hope goes smoothly.  I don’t have an ICD, only a dual lead pacemaker which is slightly smaller than an ICD.  My procedure was carried out under a general anaesthetic (doctor’s preference) which required an overnight stay, but you may only be given sedation and a local anaesthetic when recovery should be much faster.

Before you leave hospital, I would make sure that you fully understand how to take care of your wound and to report any changes that concern you.  They should give you wound care instructions and tell you what to look out for.  You may have some bruising and swelling around the device which can be perfectly normal though and you may also experience discomfort but this should slowly ease after a week or so.  You may need simple pain relief until you feel more comfortable, many of us do.  Ask your medical team what precautions/restrictions you should take for the first six weeks following your implant and who to contact if you experience any difficulties with your ICD or general recovery. 

Remember your ICD is implanted to protect you and once you are over the healing period (I was told to allow up to 6 weeks, although healing time may of course vary between patients), you should slowly be able to return to normal daily activities and to forget all about your ICD and reason for its placement.  I believe there will be restrictions on driving though for a period following an ICD implant which you will need to check, if you haven't already done so?

I attach our British Heart Foundation ICD support link in case it helps to reassure you, although I appreciate you live in the United States.   You will need to copy and paste the link into your main browser to open:-

Have confidence and please stay very safe.  

Sending Best Wishes

by Penguin - 2023-01-31 07:56:32


I can't add much to Gemita's post above. I don't have an ICD either, but I had local anaesthesia and no overnight stay when my PM was implanted.  I was terrified and whatever drug they gave me to calm me down kicked in pretty fast and made me relax and I became nice and drowsy.  That's my main recommendation to you!

Aftercare - take someone with you and get them to ask all of those Q.s. You just concentrate on relaxing and looking after number one.  You will be fine, but wouldn't be human if you weren't a little afraid. 

Sending hugs and courage.



Wishing you the best

by Good Dog - 2023-01-31 09:00:52

Your procedure: "will be like falling off a log". Don't know if you heard that one before? How about this: "It will be a piece of cake"? While all of that is true, I know that you are probably thinking; yeah, easy for you to say!

My procedure was not exactly the same, but very similar. Just 2 leads and a generator. However, I only had one day to think about it ahead of time since mine was a bit of an emergency. Frankly, it was over so quickly, I didn't think about much until I got home. Really, it went very easily for me.

I too cannot add much to the previous posts except to say that for you I am sure this seems like a "big deal", but for the docs doing this, I am sure it has become quite routine. They have a lot of expertise. I think that they love what they are doing, because it is rewarding for them to know that they are able to positively impact our lives. So not to worry!

I just hope you are looking forward to a lot of happy and healthy days ahead. Oh, here is a tip: if you feel a little nervous ahead of the procedure, just ask them for a little "Happy Juice". You'll be back home before you know it!

I wish you the very best in a quick and easy recovery. Don't forget to post back here to let us know how it went.



God bless your recovery

by Lavender - 2023-01-31 09:04:14

I was given sedation sleep for my procedure. I had minimal swelling the next day. Recovery was mental as well as physical but do-able!

May the doctors do their work efficiently and effectively. May you experience an easy recovery with renewed vigor! God be with you on your journey. 

Thank you all

by Rhaag75 - 2023-02-01 23:02:20

Thank you all for your input. The procedure went as expected and I am home and resting now. Slight hematoma complication with swelling that spread out a bit from the incision site but seems to not be getting any worse after 24 hours. I am hopeful that it gets a little better each day. 

Great News!!!

by Good Dog - 2023-02-02 07:53:30

Happy to hear the great news. Hopefully the hematoma will fade away quickly and your recovery will be as quick and smooth as the procedure! Please keep us posted!



Initiation ceremony

by Lavender - 2023-02-02 22:04:04

So you're formally in the club!🥳🎉

It will be a bit challenging over the first weeks while you heal. Remember to keep your elbow below the shoulder on the surgery side. Be good to yourself and don't be surprised at the weird sensations as your body adjusts. The important thing is you have a safety net now!

If you're in NJ, perhaps you're a Philly Phan! Fly eagles fly!

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