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Thought I'd give a heads up to those of you thinking about buying a Kardia Mobile.  Pretty sure this affects all Kardia models (6 lead as well), but not 100% sure.  

The Kardia Mobile seemed like a terrific device for those of us who experience A-fib and other arrhymias.  I was quite happy purchasing it and after I downloaded the app to my smart phone it seemed to work pretty good.  At first I got a few "interference" readings as well as "undetermined" but then I got my first "regular sinus rhythm" reading and then about 5 "possible A-fib".  These readings were spaced out over several days, so not all done back to back by any means.  

A week or so later all I could receive were "interference" readings.  I contacted AliveCor from whom I purchased my Kardia.  They were most helpful.  They replied that the reason for my issues was that my Samsung phone model, A71 5G, has not been tested or approved by AliveCor.  So... They sent me a postage paid shipping label and I sent the Kardia to them for a full refund.  They also sent a link for all the approved phones that a Kardia will work on.  

 I googled Kardia and read that "these devices are not recommended for pacemaker patients as they have not been tested for accuracy".  However, I know folks like me who have them and are very pleased.  I will be purchasing another in the not too distant future when I replace my phone with one of the approved models, which there are many.  

Just wanted to speak of my experience to anyone contemplating the purchase of this device so they can make sure their phone is compatible.  Best regards to you all.   



Thank you for this information

by Gemita - 2023-02-12 13:19:29

That is really reassuring news Benedeni and I am glad you received such good service.  

I think we can ignore the statement "these devices are not recommended for pacemaker patients as they have not been tested for accuracy” since we know that an experienced EP/Cardiologist or doctor will be able to read the print outs from Kardia and should be able to confirm the arrhythmia present (and perhaps you will be able to learn to read your own ECG print outs too, given time).

I attach a link of compatible phones:


Well that is the good part, but what about your potential AF episodes?  What are we going to do about those?  I cannot remember if you are on any meds Benedeni?  Anyway, I hope you get a few answers quickly and that your arrhythmias will settle, but certainly don't panic.  I hope your PVC or premature beats are under better control too.  

P.S. haven't purchased a Kardia yet because I know from my symptoms (quivering chest and irregular pulse) when I am in AF, but of course immediate confirmation from Kardia Mobile would be helpful sometimes


by Penguin - 2023-02-12 13:23:51

Hi Benedini,

I have a 6 lead Kardia mobile and older Samsung Galaxy tablet A.  

Any idea if the Samsung tablet I have is on the incompatible list? 

Thanks for any help offered.  



by _Claire_ - 2023-02-12 14:34:18

Thanks for the information, that's really helpful! I've also heard that the Kardia/ Alivecor customer service is excellent, so that's reassuring.

Kardia with my iPhone

by Daedalus - 2023-02-12 14:49:26

I'm using the 6L Kardia with my iPhone 13.  So far, no problems.  Used it yesterday as I was in AFib at 13:50.   Kardia showed Afib as did the ECG tech at QALY (formerly "Read my ECG") who did the read out.  But by now I know the symptoms and knew I was in it before those confirmations.  About 20 minutes after it started I popped a Sotalol (80mg) as per my cardiologist's suggestion.  (had taken my morning pill hours earlier).  At 14:50 it stopped.  Skipped my night dose as doc had told me to,  and continued with my morning pill today.  All well.

I use the Kardia a couple times a week regardless of any symptoms just to double check the QTc as Sotalol can push it over 500, which isn't good.  So far, no problems with it as my readings are consistently ~ 400.

Gemita and Penguin

by benedeni - 2023-02-12 15:03:12

Gemita, thanks for providing the link for the compatible phones.  I should have done that straight away.  As it turns out, the link I was given is not in use any more so it's a good thing you came up with a better one.  

In answer to your questions, I am on Losartan (2) for high blood pressure, atorvastatin for cholesterol, 2 baby aspirin, gabapentin for neuropathy and carafate for this stubborn ulcer.  Taken off metoprolol recently. 

Hopefully the arrhthmias aren't serious.  I have this trip to deal with in two weeks or so.  You also have an exciting upcoming trip!  We'll make it.  (:  Anyway, I have a scheduled appointment with my heart doc in April so that's not that far off.  I can always see her sooner if I really feel the need plus I have her direct cell line which is incredible!

Penguin, I looked on the list and here's what it said about Galaxy tablets. 

Tab A 8.0 2017 (Android 8.10)    Tab A7 Lite (Android 11.0)

Tab A7 LTE (Android 11.0)        Tab A7 non-LTE (Android 11.0)

Tab A8 Lite (Android 11.0)

These tablets are compatible.  Hopefully yours is one of these.  



by benedeni - 2023-02-12 15:11:06

Hey Daedalus.  Good hearing from you.  Sorry about the ongoing A-fibs you are dealing with but I know we both share the same heart doc so you are in good hands for sure.  Your medicine program seems to be doing its job.  Know that the Kardia 6L is also working well for you.  I need to get a new phone!  Soon.  Get better my friend.


by _Claire_ - 2023-02-12 15:34:37


Sorry to read about your arrhythmias. I am intrigued about what you mentioned about the QALY ecg reading service. I wondered if you could tell me more? I also saw that Kardia have some kind of subscription which I assume is similar? 


by Gemita - 2023-02-12 16:49:56

Benedeni, regarding your meds, I see you were taken off Metoprolol, beta blocker, recently, so it looks as though you are not taking any meds specifically to control/calm your arrhythmias or any high heart rate episodes, if that is correct.  I also note that you are on two baby aspirin and that you have a non healing gastric ulcer.  As a gastric patient, I am only too well aware that the Aspirin won't be helping a non healing ulcer and your ulcer won't be helping your arrhythmias, so a difficult situation for you. 

It sounds as though you have a very good relationship with your doctor Benedeni.  If your arrhythmias continue and your ulcer doesn't heal, I would respectfully suggest you ask your doctor whether anything further can be done to help you?   

Yes we are getting closer to our travels, like you, although ours is only a very short trip by plane, to meet our latest great granddaughter Bianca, but it will be a challenge for us both as we haven't left home since well before Covid.  I will send that promised private mail sometime this week!  I hope you heal quickly Benedeni xx


by benedeni - 2023-02-12 19:36:57

I look forward to your mail!


by Daedalus - 2023-02-12 21:29:23

Hi, Claire....

QALY is different from the Kardia ECG reading service.  With QALY you get unlimited readings 24/7.  More info here:   https://www.qaly.co 

I usually get my feedback within 10-15 minutes, often sooner.  Longest wait was maybe one hour.  Check it out.... might help you.   



by Penguin - 2023-02-13 05:39:44

Many thanks for info. Will check! 

Best Wishes



by _Claire_ - 2023-02-13 07:06:43

Thanks so much, I'll check it out!

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