Post insertion shoulder and chest pain

I had a PM inserted three weeks ago tomorrow. In general my shoulder pain has improved but when I do my 2 mile every other day walk I find that my shoulder pain increases and travels down my left arm and I get a tightness in the center of my chest. Both conditions improve after about the first mile. Does this sound normal?


would help if you filled in your profile

by new to pace.... - 2023-02-16 18:11:55

As sometimes the answers are different  depending on your location and Mfg./model.

new to pace

Post insertion pain

by Bly - 2023-02-16 18:17:29

Ok, will do. Thanks 

You’re doing great!

by Lavender - 2023-02-16 18:22:59

You can expect shoulder or arm, muscles in chest hurts as it heals. It's early yet. Try not to be swinging your arms a lot. You certainly can use and move them though. Muscles and nerves have been worked through in making the pocket for your new life saving device. 

You are doing so well being out there walking! High fivers✋🏼

Thanks for reply

by Bly - 2023-02-16 18:31:01

I know that the soreness in my shoulder is normal and has been improving. I'm just concerned that when I walk it becomes much worse and I feel it down my left arm (PM is on my left side) and a tightness in the middle of chest behind my breast bone. Interestingly it gets better towards the end of my walk and goes back to regular shoulder soreness quickly after stopping. Thanks again. 


by docklock - 2023-02-16 18:58:42

Some people swing their arms more than they realize.  Some walk and pivot their shoulders in alternating motion with their feet. 
You may be doing more movement than you realize. Analyze your moves.
My medical expertise is limited to putting bandaids on cuts--so not offering medical advice. 


by Bly - 2023-02-16 20:00:09

LOL, thanks. Hopefully you're right.


by Bly - 2023-02-16 22:33:46

Thank you for your suggestion. I am a male.

arm pain

by Persephone - 2023-02-18 13:03:20

Hi Bly - I also tend to experience arm pain when walking ( I was experiencing it way back before PM implant 1/2 a decade ago) but the pain is bilateral, not one-sided, and is bothersome but not intolerable. Please do take your concern to your medical team.

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