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I am 70 years old female had a Sorin TEO DR implanted 3 months ago for bradycardio and sick sinus node.  I am very active, practice cross country skiing. run. cycle and swim.  I'm not sure if I'm having problems with old age or need my pacemaker readjusted.  Initially when I restarted exercising the pacemaker would immediately pace me to the maximum 160 bm.  While running it would suddenly stop pacing after 5k and I'd have to stop and wait for it to start again.  Cross Country skiing up a hill it will pace to the maximum.  When I switch from cross country skiing to riding a bike it doesn't seem pace.  It definitely helps but I don't feel as fit as I did last season.  


appropriate pacing

by Julros - 2023-02-18 00:55:55

Have you checked with your clinic or had any adjustments? Most pacers are implanted with the factory settings and they may need to "tune" yours so that it adjusts appropriately to your activity level.  They can adjust responsiveness and rate. I am a little surprised that your upper rate limit is set so high. Mine was originally set at 60-120, but they put in to 140 and doc said, "at your age (63), I won't go higher."

I got a new doc and am now set at 165. 

appropriate pacing

by bwarren - 2023-02-18 12:37:02

Yes initially the max was set to 140.  They adjusted it to 160 when I complained because it would stop pacing after running a few Ks.  Now with 160 it paces for longer but will still eventually stop pacing.  I asked about it pacing to the maximum whenever I started running.  The Cardio said there was no risk.  I had a month of cross country skiing and it would pace to the maximum on every long uphill.  Now when I'm back to running, it doesn't pace to the max and doesn't seem to pace when I'm riding my bike.  You think adjusting the rate response might help?

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by stevebne - 2023-02-18 21:07:54

This sounds as though the baseline is resetting too soon. Although I am not familiar with this brand of PM so unsure what settings are adjustable, most PM have a specific setting for how long an exercise can last before baseline reset. My PM (BS brand) states the reset is at 4 hours on the settings I have chosen (endurance athlete), but it sometimes gets confused and resets too early!! 

Best to carefully document your HR response to exercise and take this with you to the cardilogy reviews. This can be accurately done with a sports watch that uses a chest HR strap (wrist based is not accurate). 

Baseline reset is discussed in detail by CrustyG in the thread 

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