has anyone experienced chronic unexplained episodes

PM in 2019. I'm wondring if I could be having a chronic reaction to something in the PM. I've had checkups and more checkups.  Ablation was successful and angiogram or plasty ok.

I have cylical - like monthly episodes of inside chills like waves up my spine. 2 different Er trips that showed nothing.  Sent to nuerologist had a nbrain MRI - nothing

Special diet to rid Epstein Barr that was reactivated from covid in 2021 and I have long covid with memory problems from that

Special supplements.  Even getting metal out of my teeth - almost done with that

I am frustrated with these 'episodes' that leave me drained, weak, miserable, but cardiologist says I'm fine.

Is there anyone out there with anything similair?





by AgentX86 - 2023-02-18 16:00:53

I had, what are now called, aura caused by some neurological problem.  Every four weeks, almost to the day, I'd have episodes of a feeling that I was falling forward, chills or numbness up my back, nausea, and a distinct smell individually or in combination of any, though the sensation of falling forward was the common thread.  During that 24hrs, I may have had a dozen episodes but zero between.

No one really believe me because, after all, why would a man have anything happen on a 28ish day cycle. No idea but I did.  Until one day during an episode I collapsed with a full down and out tonic-clonic (grand mal) siezure.

One thing I learned is that neurologists know nothing if it's beyond the obvious illness (Parkinsons, MS, etc.).  They're just guessing and pushing pills.  That's not to say that pills don't work.  They do.  I'm on an anti-convulsive (lamotrigine) that seems to be working.

The bottom line is that this seems to be something similar. The fact that your neurologist sees nothing in an MRI doesn't mean much.  Mine didn't see anything until the aura persisted, then found two very small "white spaces" on the MRI.  He had no clue if that was the cause but had something to hang is hat on. He was still treating the symptoms (pushing pills). 

BTW, small strokes, called "micro-infarcts" can be caused by Afib.  These destroy a tiny amount of brain cells that can cause neurological problems.  That's the assumption but he could only guess.

Push harder.  It's your body and you know it better than they.

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