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I'm thinking about adding a men's necklace to my body information about my PM and other basic medical info.

I already wear a titanium medical alert bracelet that gives basic info.  And I carry the Medtronic card in my wallet.

BUT -- here's the issue.  I usually don't have my wallet on me when: I'm mowing grass; working in my shop; taking out the garbage; sitting on my patio or deck. ETC.  Aways carry while in car.

So, I was thinking about adding a necklace with a lot more info on it.

For instance, I can get a Stainless Steel with 9 lines and 22 characters on front and same number on back OR i can get a Titanium one with 4 lines 15 characters on front and 5 lines 25 charcters on back. 

I wonder if any of you wonderful people have had this issue??  Even women, who may typicaly carry a purse (with a wallet) don't just carry a wallet as men would do.  FORGIVE ME IF I SOUND SEXIST -- I'm not, just trying to make a difference.

Just trying to gather some info to help me decide.

Thank you in advance for your thoughts.  


Great idea!

by Lavender - 2023-02-19 14:53:17

I have a medic alert necklace. It has my name, my emergency person's phone number as well as "pacemaker " on it. I'm used to wearing it now. 

Cool about the dog but we all can't do that. Lol we all can wear medical ID jewelry though!


by docklock - 2023-02-19 15:04:08

Had no idea that Medic Alert dogs existed.  Great idea.  I guess there is no perfect answer. Agree that PM spot might be obvious, but honestly mine after almost five weeks looks really good. That and a tattoo pointing to it are good, but only if they rip your shirt open LOL. 

It's weird, but I know my immediate neighbors, only one knows I have a PM.  The people on the other side of my neighbors-- don't have a clue who they are.   People across street say "hello" and that's about it.  I know living in the US with all the chaos and "wokeness" tends to seclude us from really talking with people anymore.   Really sad.   

Thank you both for your input and the time spent doing it.  

Pace On!!

How's about much LESS information ?

by IAN MC - 2023-02-19 15:22:23

To help you decide , you may be interested in the results of a poll which was done here on the PM Club.  The question asked  was

' Do you wear a Medic Alert Bracelet or Pendant " . The majority of responders (55%) said NO !

If you accept that we have a disproportionate number of WORRIERS here, it is fair to assume that the total PM population would have given far more 'No" responses.

Why not just enjoy the added safety which your pacemaker has given you and try worrying far less about those highly unlikely "What if ? " scenarios.


Home alone

by docklock - 2023-02-19 15:32:55

Have other issues besides PM.  I live alone.  Neighbors work and I'm home alone most of time.  For me it's just a little more comforting.  
Also, and I mean NO offense here, this forum tends to be global in nature and I wonder if people from different cultures/countries have a different view of "jewelry" and shared information it provides. 
Personally, if I'm in distress, I want as much information about me quickly available to whoever is responding to me.   



by Tracey_E - 2023-02-19 15:46:31

I used to be reasonably good at wearing my medic alerts (I have a whole collection to match every occasion) but now I use the emergency contact in my phone. It can be accessed from a locked screen. 

First responsers will see our scar pretty quickly. 

Emergency information

by AgentX86 - 2023-02-19 21:39:11

I wear a dog tag with the most relevant information and a metal credit card sort of thing in my wallet.  I used to wear a bracelet too but since I broke my wrist, that's out.

Don't worry about your pacemaker card.  No one wants that information.  Really.  Just note on your jewlery that you have a pacemaker and any other relevant information and call it a day.  Keep the card, or whatever, in your wallet (can't hurt) but don't worry about keeping it on your person at all times.

BTW, my necklace has been used.  I had a seizure and as I was coming out of it, still paralysed, in the ambulance, I heard one of the EMTs read it and tell the other that I was PM dependent, then they told the ER staff.  My wife was too shook up to give them all the information at the scene  and for some reason wasn't in the ambulance.

what to wear

by new to pace.... - 2023-02-20 11:18:16

I do not wear anything.  I to live alone.  Did find a cute make it yourself bracelet. Did when i first got the pacemaker.  At my first operation 8months  after the pacemaker.  They said no jewelry( was made out of plastic and on a thread).  would not come off so they cut if off.  Since then i have not worn anything.  Of course if i am out someplace do have my wallet with me.  No one ever asks for the PM card.

new  to pace

Information bracelet

by piglet22 - 2023-02-21 06:48:12

I don't have a bracelet but always carry the European Pacemaker card.

I also added some information to the startup screen on my mobile phone.

Nobody has to get into the phone, just turn it on.

I have "Implanted pacemaker", plus my NHS number.

I'm not bothered if some dodgy character finds it useful, but it's meant for first responders.


by USMC-Pacer - 2023-02-24 20:51:04

Do you wear a sports watch? Like Apple, Garmin, etc? If you do, this is what I use. It attaches right to the band with a barcode. You can put whatever info you want including conditions, emergency contacts, etc...

Apologize as I don't know how to make that a link so you'll have to copy and paste it to your browser. Or, just go to Amazon and type in Life ID. Hope that helps

dont wear one

by dwelch - 2023-03-06 23:38:01

I did at first, I am 35 years into this.  stopped a long time ago,  anything on my wrist hurts even a light bracelet.  

Now maybe they wont ever see it but they do or did make shoe lace ones for kids and I have those on my shoes.  and I got a dog tag one a red oen and that is attached to my boots if I am wearing those.  I have my stuff in my wallet certainly.  So technically I "wear" one if I am out and wearing those shoes or boots.

So that is an idea if you are looking for ideas is to put them on your shoes/boots.  They make ones for shoelaces.


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