Indyglo here.

Had my pacemaker on 02-17-23.  Been using ice every now and then and taking an occassionally iibuprofen.  The incison site is not painful but achy.and a litte itchy (that might be the steri strips).  I noticed that it is feeling a little warm around the incision site.  It does not appear red but hard to tell because the steri strips are on the site.  Is this normal?  I don't have a fever.


Incision site warm

by Gemita - 2023-02-20 03:43:52

Hello Indyglo,

I see it has only been a few days since your implant, so yes it can be perfectly normal for you to feel "warmth"  around the incision.  Bruising, some swelling, some redness, warmth will be seen/felt as we heal.

My bruising, swelling, incision "warmth" took a few weeks to disperse.  Just look out for any discharge coming from the wound area itself, especially if it has a nasty odour, since this could indicate an infection, or if your swelling and redness increases.  

Yes my incision was itchy with steri strips, but try not to scratch the area in case you open the incision and cause an infection.  Actually itching is all part of the healing process I recall.

When you say "icing" I am assuming you are not lying ice packs directly onto the skin, but wrapping ice packs in a cloth first before placing against the area and then only leaving the ice pack for short periods of time intermittently throughout the day.  

Also have you been advised by a doctor that Ibuprofen is safe for you to take with any other health condition you might have or with any medication you may be on? Although an excellent anti inflammatory, Ibuprofen is not usually recommended for daily use to relieve pain (unless your doctor has recommended)?

So yes, this can be all very normal, but if you are ever concerned, please contact your doctor.  


by Indyglo - 2023-02-20 08:55:27

Thanks for the information.  I will watch the site because I am alergic to latex tape so I hope this is not going to turn into a rash/blisters.  I will watch the area closly.  Yes, the ice pack I am using is one they gave me when I left the hospital.  I won't worry so much about the warmth.  I had a couple dizzy spells this morning but today is the first day the Dr. allowed me to take my blood thinner meds.

Implatation site itching

by piglet22 - 2023-02-20 09:32:02

Both my PMs caused localised itching over the site.

The first PM itched after 11 years and the second, 7 years, still itches.

Not much cover skin so I don't scratch

allergic to the tape

by new to pace.... - 2023-02-20 11:12:34

if you are allergic you might take a allergy tablet .  I am allergic to the glue they used to close my icision.  When i had a first checkup mentioned the raised bumps and the itch.  nurse said that would go away.  I started taking an allergy pill and the itch disappeared. An after each shower with the heat carefully took off the glue .

new to pace


by Lavender - 2023-02-20 13:59:47

I'm allergic to all kinds of things including tape and adhesive.  My pacemaker wound was incredibly itchy and I too feared a blistery rash like I am prone to. I was advised to try and tolerate it for seven days. They then gave me a product to remove the glue and steri strips at home. ONLY ON DOCTOR ORDERS WAS THIS DONE.

You most probably will be having a one week wound check so be sure and bring that up there. 

I would not advise you to take benadryl or any other allergy med without first consulting with your doctor.  

By the way you list your country as Armenia. Lol Indiana is a long way from there. Might want to update your profile. 🤣


by Indyglo - 2023-02-20 15:10:30

Opps....must have been sleepy...thought that was America!   Thanks...changed to USA.

I dont hear anything yet to worry about

by dwelch - 2023-03-06 23:33:25

first device is heck of an experience, we have all been through it, five times for me.

Mine always itch like crazy up to and a little after the strips come off.

You are on like week two or three now if my math is right so you are still in the thick of it.  first week is no reason to expect good sleep and as a result tired and exhausted.   each night a little better maybe by week two or three can sleep in your favorite position.  but maybe not a full night yet.   

Esp with the first one you have no reason to favor it so you are probably reaching for things or moving that arm and getting some fun pain shots.   The ones I love are opening wide to eat a burger or something and that pulls the neck skin which ultimately pulls on the strips and a nice pain jolt.  Makes me giggle not cry.  Esp if my mouth closes quickly to try to avoid the pain while I am still trying to get that bite of dinner.

A number of us are up and driving a few days to a week after.  But probably not on device number one.   

It is puffy at first I dont remember how many days.   For me the strips itch like crazy, eventually they start to come off, and ... yeah we all help them a little, no shame.   

Medical tape and some sandwich bags, tape above and the sides, can leave the bottom open and you can take a shower before the strips come off.

Once they come off, sometimes you "eject a stitch" it happens little stitch is sticking out, maybe tempted to help it maybe not. call the doc, they will just tell you yeah it happens.

by week three or four or five.  sleep is not normal but much better than week one, you might be able to sleep the night.  Being first device your subconcious still has not learned to protect it, you may roll or move or do things that your brain will do a little slower or softer or avoid down the road.  Around this time you can probably get that hand up to help wash your hair, can maybe start to carry stuff. 

The worst is to favor the arm too much and let it get stiff, if you got stiff shoulder then you are in pain for many weeks.  You should move the arm every day, let pain guide you on the limits, do things slow, but keep it moving.  Use it in a limited capacity as much as you are comfortable.

It will still take a while after the strips are removed for the site to really heal, so be careful.   A big big fuzzy seat belt cover, or get some hand towels and fold them once or twice to keep the car seat belt off.   Very very early days, make a bridge dont put the pad right on the device but below or above so the belt is bridged in the air.  

You are going to bump it it is going to hurt, this is training you to protect it.  My wife and dauthers heads are at pacer height, as my daughter grew into that height had to train her that hugs only happen on one side, cause it really hurts on the other.

I didnt do any pain meds nor ice packs. I would think putting an ice pack on it would just cause more pain. I would definely not put any pressure on it all in general (even now with 5 or so years on this device) much less right after replacement.   

Hey, welcome to the club!!!


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