Pacemaker on 1-30-2023 for low heart rate.

Experienced extreme sharp striking pain first night after placement. Dr prescribed pain medication and could not explain reason for pain. X-ray ekg showed no problems. Pain was lessened with pain medication. 
Discharged next day. It has been 20 days since leaving hospital and I am still experiencing sharp tingling pains in my right breast. I cannot sleep on my side because of increase in pain.  I have been back to Cardiologist and am told everything is working normally.  Nurse tells me pain is not associated with pm.

I did not have this pain before PM.  Has anyone else experienced what I am going through?


Breast pain

by Gigi2023 - 2023-02-20 12:04:11

Thank you for your kind response to my email.


See another dr

by Lavender - 2023-02-20 13:55:30

Ok so it might not be cardiac related pain. No harm in seeing your general practitioner for pain management with meds or physical therapy. You have pain. You need help. You're seeking answers and aren't getting what you need. 


by PacedNRunning - 2023-02-21 03:43:56

I had to sleep with a pillow under my arm For a good month post implant. That may help. I had bad shoulder pain when laying on my side. 

Pain in the shoulder and then some

by Biotronik2 - 2023-02-21 09:04:12

When I had my Pacer put in last May after open heart surgery my shoulder and around my shoulder blade hurt like crazy. It took several days to stop hurting. When the Dr put it in he strapped my arm to my side palm up. Well my arm doesn't like going in that position and it stained my shoulder and shoulder blade. It got better over time and I also had to sleep with something under my arm to try and help relieve the pain. Yeah the pocket in my chest that the Dr had to create stung for a good little bit also. I'm 55 and I'm noticing the pain doesn't go away like it used to. It does get better it just takes time. 

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