St. Jude/Abbott alarm setting

Hi, all,

For the last several months, I've been told my pacemaker  has less than a year left in battery.

Yesterday I heard the alarm from my PM beep from my chest and it took me a bit off-guard. I happened to have my already scheduled appt. with my EP a few hours later and they said it was at 2.66 voltage and was less than 1% to ERI. They scheduled a follow-up for 3 months and said they'd continue the monthly Merlin transmissions but to call asap if I felt like something wasn't right.

I thought the alarm beeping indicated it was already in ERI.

Also, I've been told insurance won't cover a replacement procedure until the battery has reached 2.60 voltage (I have a St. Jude 2210 model). Has anyone had their doctor request an early replacement due to medical necessity? I have frequent infections so not knowing when it'll be is a bit of a gamble not knowing if I'll be infection-free. I wish insurance had like a grace period with a 3-month window in which to replace earlier or on-time.




by AgentX86 - 2023-02-24 01:07:42

Your EP should be arguing with your insurance company if there is a justifyable reason for replacement. I don't think infection risk is going to do it.  Either way, you're going to get cut so the risk is the same either way.

ERI is the three month "grace period".

I agree

by PacedNRunning - 2023-02-24 03:40:44

I don't think we should have to wait until ERI. I was told they won't let me go to ERI and I'll have it replaced before. Insurances need to change this rule. 

ERI is not the same as EOS

by Tracey_E - 2023-02-24 07:50:28

It still has 3 months of being fully functional while it's in ERI so there is more than enough time to plan replacement. EOS is when it starts to cut back. Each one lasts approx 3 months. This gives us 6 months that it will still work and keep us safe (tho those last 3 months may not feel good if we pace a lot) and why most insurance will not replace until it gets to ERI. Some insurance require EOS. I'm on my 5th and have been ERI each time. I've never had it go EOS.

I've also had it last as long as a year when it's said less than 6 months left. This is why they won't do it sooner.

It can be frustrating trying to plan and time things at the end, but it's very doable and it will work out. It is not going to suddenly stop. 

The alarm

by Lavender - 2023-02-24 10:00:59

I was told that my Boston Sci device has no alarm turned on. It would frazzle me to hear it😵‍💫

Even if you still have three months-three months of hearing that alarm would fry my last nerve. 

Always hated that insurance companies decide medical treatment 😤🤬 They also waste money which drives me nuts when they keep sending "care pkgs" of hand sanitizer, lotion, and yet another thermometer. They send Hallmark cards reminding us to get wellness checks. They send gift cards and lots of stuff. Spend that money on better care!


...sorry for your concern. It should not be this way. Having peace of mind and not waiting another three months etc, seems more kind. 

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