Fist PM yesterday, can't sleep, sssooo tired.


I had my first pacemaker fitted yesterday, the surgery itself was OK ish, I have allergies to anti bionics and painkillers, I was given an antidote before being given two iv antibiotics pre surgery. 

The local anaesthetic initially didn't work and I felt the cut until the nurse shouted to stop. They gave me a sedative which didn't seem to work at all but due to my allergies I could not have painkillers. 

The vein they wanted to use for the two wires they couldn't find despite using a dye, so had to use one higher up which was bigger. 2 1/2 hrs later it was done. 

Out-of theatre at 1415hrs, hubby collected me at 1645, home for 1800. Very very tired but can't sleep a wink. Back aches when laying on back, wound and shoulder uncomfortable when laying on left or right side. 

I don't generally bruise and there is no visible bruising, but a little swelling. 

What can you all suggest to help bring the bruising out to make it more comfortable please? 

Thank you 



by Penguin - 2023-03-08 14:54:45


I'm so sorry to hear that you had such a difficult time and that you're feeling battered and bruised. Not surprising considering how long you were in surgery! 

Considering your allergy status it wouldn't be wise to take internet advice on bruising. I'd usually suggest arnica tablets - good quality ones from a homeopath, but take advice please.  I took them for severe bruising on one occasion and had a very positive result - which surprised me as I had little faith in homeopathy - but they worked for me.

It will all get better. Try to believe that for now and keep as calm and relaxed as you can.  The more stressed you feel the worse the adrenaline surges, sleep effects etc.  Is there something that usually helps you relax - music, quiet room, nature etc? Might help.

Hope you get some sleep tonight. 

Best Wishes


It takes a while to recover and feel better. You've been through an operation and that's stressful. 


by Lavender - 2023-03-08 18:14:37

Whew you sure went through a lot! ❤️‍🩹It's only been a day so don't get discouraged. It's gonna get better. Don't touch the surgery site at all. Don't put anything on it. Swelling is normal and bruising will follow in a few days.

Try lying on your back but with a pillow under your knees to hold legs up a bit. If you lie on a side, put a pillow between your legs, and a small one up against your chest to hold everything in place. 

You will sleep when you get tired enough. If you can take it, drink some chamomile or sleepy time tea. Put on some soft music. Get your hubby to massage your feet, try a heating pad wrapped around them on low heat setting. 

I too have reactions to just about everything! I can't take pain meds just tylenol. Anesthesia is either not enough or they have trouble waking me up. 😵‍💫

This is not the way it will always be-it's just this day. Be patient and good to yourself. 

You’re tougher than I am

by Mad Hatter - 2023-03-08 19:26:06

Wow 2 1/2 hours!   I thought my hour long pm surgery was rough!  I didn't feel the initial cut but not long after that the EP said "This might hurt a bit" and did it ever!    I let out a groan and the dr called for fentanyl but I continued to feel pain through the whole procedure until maybe when they were stitching me up.  The dr later said my vein was not where they thought it would be.  I felt like asking for a bullet to bite on!  

As far as recovery, ice helped me.  They say not to move your arm above your head but be sure to move it some or it will freeze up.  It WILL get better every day.  


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