Riding Lawnmowers

I had a pacemaker put in November 27, 2022. I have a medtronic model W1DRO1 with 2 leads. Does anyone out there have a problem with their pacemaker using a riding lawnmower.  I will check with my doctor and see what he says but I was wondering if any of the pacemaker club has had a problem.


should be ok

by Tracey_E - 2023-03-08 12:55:27

I only know of one person here told not to ride a mower. Many of the rest of us have with no issue. 

If you pace with rate response, the vibration may make it increase your rate. This is harmless but feels weird if you aren't expecting it. 

Riding Lawnmowers

by jgulleye - 2023-03-08 15:41:33

Thank you Tracey for your input.

Fellow Riding mower rider

by Lavender - 2023-03-08 18:00:11

I asked my pacemaker tech first, but was told it was fine, so I'm the lawnmower queen here. Don't trust anyone else or they might mow my posies. 

A quick call to your device manufacturer will give you the answer. 

Fellow Riding mower rider

by AgentX86 - 2023-03-08 22:15:26

Correction:  Don't ask your device manufacturer.  First, they have lawyers who tell them to CYA, then add another layer.

The device manufacturer knows nothing about you.  This is all the job of your EP/cardiologist. He'll probably look at you like you had a third eye (50%), or say "no problem" (49%), or "no, it's not a good idea (.5%) or "no way" (.5%).  Though, if it was "no way", he would have already told you. My EP didn't fool around or mince words. He came right out with it at our first appointment after. He was very explicit with what sorts of tools were safe and which to avoid completely. It didn't have anything to do with my particular PM, rather me.


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