Hello from Wyoming. Question about Fibroscan

Hello to all. I got my pacemaker on Jan 19th and fell better than I have in decades.

I have NASH (aka fatty liver disease) and get twice yearly Fibroscan of my liver. I'm supposed to get one next month but have read that it might not be possible due to a study done by the manufacturer. I have a message into to doctor but was wondering if anyone has had experience in this area. Thank you



by Rch - 2023-03-10 19:33:17


I know your's is Medtronic, but generally precautions and contraindications for most present day pacemakers are about the same. You might also look up online on Medtronic website! I don't see Fibroscan listed as a contraindications for pacemakers, but nonetheless I suggest you consult with your imaging department. Hope your NASH stays stable! 



by Aristocat - 2023-03-11 18:52:33

Thank you for your reply. I found on the company's website that the US is the only country that having a pacemaker is contraindicated for use of the Fibroscan. I got a reply from my provider (liver) and they confirm it is a no-go.

On a side note, I've made many changes in my life and my liver is actually getting better. This is why I am disappointed in not geting the scan. I wanted to check to see if I was still making progress. Oh well hopefully the ultrasound shows positive results.

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