Relocating pacemaker?

Trying to figure out if my request is reasonable and can be done safely? Pacemaker was inserted approx 2 years ago, left side close to armpit, shaving and application of deodorant, under bra strap, etc. touches it.  Exercise causes my left arm to tingle and fingers go numb, yes it’s also painful, it’s on top of fracture in rib.  Asked to have it moved almost from day one.  Have been told repeatedly it’s impossible, would involve complete redo?  Have tried adjusting but after 2 years it is worse probably since my exercise is limited.  I had multiple fractures from neck to knees from prior accident and although I write with right hand strength and activity is primarily left due to those injuries. Any experience or advice is appreciated.  Thank you.


Relocating PM

by AgentX86 - 2023-03-18 15:04:57

Hi FLGIRL2, welcome to the club.  I hope you get what you're looking for here. If you would, could you fill out the rest of your profile.  Quite often information, like your location, can be important.  Procedures, medical treatment, costs, and simply customs, vary widely and this is an international forum. There are probably as many, if not more, living in the UK than the US, with others from every corner of the world.

It's not clear what you want.  Do you want it moved from your left side to the right? You say that your accident broke bones on your left side, you're right dominant, yet your strength is on your left. I'm a little confused.

If you do want it moved left to right, yes, it's basically re-doing the whole thing.  If you want it placed under the breast, sub-pectoral, or simply moved to the right a couple of inches, I don't see how it would be impossible.  It might be that the doctor thinks it's a waste of time and the insurance company (there's that location thing), a waste of money.  It's clearly a problem for you so it's a matter of bitching so loudly that they have no choice but to hear you. 




Thank you AgentX

by FLGirl2 - 2023-03-18 15:43:29

TY!  You said what no one would.  FYI, on my right side my right elbow & rotar cuff were badly injured.   Needed other surgerys so they took a back seat.  My history is very complicated due to injuries, internal and orthopedic.  I had a myocardial injury which finally caught up with me, hence pacemaker. Did a lot of rehab and then pilates until the pacemaker,  Thank you i know what i need to do now to get back my mojo!  )-(


by docklock - 2023-03-18 17:00:39

AgentX brings up some very valid points.  I just got most of the bills for my PM installation.  I'm on Medicare and have what's called "gap insurance" that covers what Medicare doesn't.  
That being said, the bills roughly were a little over $40,000.  
If it were me I would begin to explore IF the cost of moving anything would be covered under insurance.  
I'm pretty sure my Medicare would NOT be willing to move anything and I sure couldn't afford to do it on my own. 
not trying to to be a negative person so I guess I don't have any solid answers for you other than check to see if costs can be covered. 
The best of luck to you.  

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