OK Everybody It's FG Again

I know there have been some delays and false starts over the last several months....

But I am now getting a dual chamber PM tomorrow morning. Medtronic with an atrial lead and a 3830 LBB area ventricular lead, to be put into the septum just below the HIS bundle. To review, I have persistant AF but I am always bradycardic due to complete 3rd degree heart block. I never get tachycardia or syncope. I have a stable junctional escape rhythm. My exercise tolerance is good. 

My only real symptoms have been sleepiness and mental dullness at rest as my HR goes down to 32-35 asleep and 35-40 at rest watching TV or at my desk. My condition has been stable over the last year but I am hoping for an improvement in baseline mental functioning. I hope I made the right decision.

Please pray for me as I have for so many of you. Any comments or suggestions are appreciated. 

Thank you, FG


You got this!

by Tracey_E - 2023-03-22 12:49:07

I'm glad you decided to proceed and feel good about the decision. It is the right thing to do and I hope you wake up amazed at how much better you feel. For me, it was like the clouds lifting. It's hard to think when your heart rate gets too low. When mine got to 22 right before my (emergency) surgery, it was like being drunk. 

Best of luck. May you feel at peace, may your surgeon have his best day ever. Please check in with us when you can. 

A Blessing

by FG - 2023-03-22 12:52:14

Thank you so much Tracy you are indeed a blessing. 

A new day is dawning

by Gotrhythm - 2023-03-22 15:41:27

In terms of how you feel, it turns out there's a big difference between a HR that's enough to keep you alive, and one that's truely as fast as it needs to be.

I think you are going to be amazed at how much easier and more pleasureable simple things  are. Not that they were hard before--they'll just easier now. Like the difference in how easy it is to see after you wash the windshield of your car.

The main advice I'd give anyone is don't waste one minute being afraid of your pacemaker, or fearful of what might happen to it. Pacemakers are incredibly dependable, and practically indestructible. Because your heart if functional even without a pacemaker, once you are healed up, there is nothing that you need to "watch out for." It really is safe for you to completely forget it's there. So just get on with enjoying your life.

Let us hear how you are doing.


Thank you

by FG - 2023-03-22 17:00:48

Gotrhythm thanks for your kind words.

I will be thinking about you

by Gemita - 2023-03-22 17:15:34

Oh FG, what positive news and I too wish you well for tomorrow.  

You will no longer have to spend hours thinking about what to do for the best and all that negative energy can now be put to better use making a full recovery.  Sitting on the fence for too long can cause problems too as I well know.  There comes a time when we have to decide, especially if we have all the facts and I think you have gained a true understanding of the pacemaker system you are going to receive.

As an AF sufferer, I can recommend a dual chamber pacemaker as a wonderful tool to have in the cupboard against Atrial Fibrillation.  Fewer episodes of AF = less mental fog. I cannot believe the success I have had with pacing and I hope it will be the same for you too.

Will you come back and tell us all about the procedure, even if you sleep through it?

May you be at peace

by Lavender - 2023-03-22 18:14:39

May our father God look upon you and bring peace to your mind and healing to your body. May you experience renewed energy and live a long adventurous happy life with your new device. May God guide the surgeon and bless the medical team caring for you. We confidently ask this in Jesus' holy name. Amen. 

Of course Gemita!

by FG - 2023-03-22 18:14:55

Honestly I don't think I wouild have made the decision without all of your incredible real life experiences I read through over the last year. I mostly kept telling myself to wait because I really didn't feel bad - but the mental dullness was starting to bother me quite a bit. It was interesting, as after I exercised I would not be dull, but I really can't remember many TV shows I was able to stay awake for once my rate fell into the 30s! 

And you are so right about the mental anguish from indecision - "Stewing without doing" our minister said!

Well so help me God here we go. 

Thank you Lavender how nice your prayer

by FG - 2023-03-22 18:41:52

You have provided more of the encouragement I needed.  

In PreOp

by FG - 2023-03-23 15:22:20

IVs, cleansing, signing forms...

In pre op

by Mrw2350 - 2023-03-23 16:15:50

Good luck , mine is next Tuesday šŸ˜Š

Iā€™m done!

by FG - 2023-03-23 22:45:54

Sitting here on the bed texting you guys. Well it took a little longer, they had a hard time finding good capture but they said they ended up with a good lead position. Now I am rocking along at 50–51 when I had been used to 32–35 for about two years. The mental dullness was getting to me at rest so I am hoping that will eventually lift completely! I already feel better. Hard to describe but just a general more alert and aware feeling. But then again it's only been about three hours…!  I'll report back! 


by Tracey_E - 2023-03-24 11:34:26

I'm so glad it went well and you are already feeling better! 

Is that really you - fixed?

by Gemita - 2023-03-24 13:10:30

FG so pleased the procedure is behind you and you can start to heal. It sounds as though they have found a good spot for pacing and that you are already feeling better.  This is still early days and imagine how you will feel in a few weeks/months.  All the signs are very good at the moment.

Anyway, welcome "officially" to the Pacemaker Club.  You are truly one of us now, so no turning back xx


by Lavender - 2023-03-24 13:35:50

Aw you sound so relieved and relaxed! Anticipating the surgery for so long was challenging! Now your life can move on!

lol Gemita at saying " no turning back". šŸ˜

Rest. Take that sling off tomorrow. Use the arm just keep elbow below shoulder! Drink more water than you are used to!

Thank you, God, for answered prayers, all the glory is yours!


Thanks to God and all of you too!

by FG - 2023-03-24 23:01:18

Yes I am "Official" now!

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