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Hi All. 

I have a question about my monitor. I have a Biotronik edora 8 DR-T and the charger to the monitor dies not seem to hold. I have to finagle a bit to get the charger plug to stay in the phone port so if it's not seated in right, the monitor will not charge. This is recent, I have had this since last May and all fine up until about a week ago. I will call Biotronik tomorrow and follow up but wondering if anyone has some insight. I have no idea if just subbing out the power cord for a generic other would work. Thank you in advance.


Call them

by Daedalus - 2023-03-23 00:37:26

I have the same PM and no doubt the same monitor.  Call the company and explain what's happening.  They could send you a new cable, if that's the suspected problem.  I wouldn't get some off-brand cable, as tempting as that might be. 


by piglet22 - 2023-03-23 07:17:51

I'm guessing a bit, but I'm assuming that you have a bedside monitor and some sort of handheld reader?

I have a Medtronics MyCareLink bedside monitor andthere are two components that cause problems.

The base unit has a 5-volt power supply - wallwart in USA? - that plugs into a mains socket.

Manufacturers always use the same type of plug that plugs into the base unit. It's sometimes called a barrel connector and are widely used. It's fair to say that this type of connector is not reliable. The pacemaker manufacturer will buy in power supplies for cost reasons.

It relies on spring pressure to keep it in place and provide a good contact.

Over time, the plating (shiny metal) gets oxidised and electrical contact degrades.

The same applies to the chest reader and this has the same contacts as cordless phones and just relies on gravity to make contact. My reader was always failing to charge.

Here's what I do but I'm not advising you to do it.

Sometimes I use a fibreglass cleaning pencil to gently clean any exposed surfaces. These can be bought from many hobby or elctronics supplier.

Here is a link to an ebay item

Use gently.

A wipe of WD40 helps lubricate and protect.

If the plug physically will not stay in place, there are other solutions.

The base unit socket will have a centre pin visible when you remove the plug.

Here's what I do for all this type of connector.

With everything disconnected, find a small screwdriver that fits between the pin and the "hole". Gently squeeze the pin slightly to one side. Bending it off-centre will improve both hold and electrical contact.

Note the "here's what I do". I do a lot of this sort of thing both professionally and hobbywise. Whether or not you take the advice is entirely up to you.

Good luck.


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