One Year Anniversary

Hi all!! wanted to comment I am having my one year anniversary on Sunday march 26th. It was a nightmare a year ago was on vacation in Florida having a great day in the sun and surf!! But that night was passing out all over the place. Thanks to my wife's quick action in getting me an ambulance and the closeness and expertise of the hospital I sm her today to talk about it. 

A year later I seem to be no worse for the wear. Feeling good blood pressure is perfect and my blood pressure is always good in my checkups. just had my second transmission to my heart center and all is good 


Glad this technology exist. Just joined the club looking forward to talking about my experiences 






One year

by AgentX86 - 2023-03-24 21:38:47


Welcome LRS.  Glad you found us.  We can always use positive stories.  People who have very good outcomes don't tend to search us out so we get an unrepresentative number of people who have issues. It's great to be able to balance that with the good.

It sounds like your vacation last year wasn't so great. I hope you do better this year.😁

I see you're a couple of hours north of me.  It must be starting to get nice in the mountains now.

One year

by Aberdeen - 2023-03-25 05:52:49

I am glad that at your first anniversary of having a pacemaker all is well!

Oh so nice to hear you have been helped by your pacemaker

by Gemita - 2023-03-25 06:03:18

LRS, I love success stories and I hope we will receive more good news from you in the future.  Having a positive outlook can certainly help overcome some of our difficulties and give our doctors encouragement too, to manage any symptoms that may occur.  Welcome to the Club and please feel free to chat whenever you wish.

Both my husband and I have pacemakers and doing well.  Prior to our pacemakers we were both prone to syncope and it was very worrying.  I will never forget my husband's last syncope episode.  I really thought I had lost him.  I was beside him when he fell, so I was thankfully able to support him as he crashed to the ground.   We were in Italy at the time of his collapse.  Heart Block, Atrial Fibrillation with a very slow ventricular response rate and electrolyte disturbances due to severe dehydration were found to have caused his syncope.


by FG - 2023-03-25 12:06:25

 I am two days out now and can't wait for my anniversary! The folks on this forum are priceless. You have found the right place. I hope my outcome is as wonderful as yours! Have a great day.

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