Due to a recent inquiry about battery impact tools and comments about welding; I'd like to ask the "floor" about any personal experience they've had with a MIG or TIG -- might as well throw in STICK also. 
Not interested in "Google searches" cause I can do that.  
Welding-- Life or Death. LOL🤔



by Tracey_E - 2023-03-26 16:24:16

I'm no expert on the types of welding but I believe MIG and TIG is ok, ARC is not. However, we've had members do ARC and feel ok. It comes up fairly regularly if you want to do a search of the posts here (tiny icon at the top right).

Thanks Tracey_E

by docklock - 2023-03-26 22:01:01

I'll check the older posts.  Was hoping there were new thoughts on welding.  


by AgentX86 - 2023-03-26 23:10:52

As Tracey said, there have been many welding threads here.  I knew you asked not to give Google references, so i won't. 😉  Go to the manufacturer's site and look up their instructions.

The key is to minimize EMI.  There are current and distance limits, as well as directions to minimize risk.  Where the clamp is on the rod matters (as close as possible), the cables should be very close to each other  if not loosely twisted, and the unit should be some distance away (several feet). All of this information is available at the manufacturer's site.

You should also ask your cardiologist.  Because of your situation, he may have more restrictions.


by piglet22 - 2023-03-27 07:14:33

Probably the UV is more of a hazard but always best to check.

I've no doubt the PM manufacturers have tested their devices against all sorts of radiation and I have never been given any instruction of what to avoid.

Hopefully all the vulnerable parts, including the long leads, are well shielded from day-to-day EMR


by AgentX86 - 2023-03-27 22:52:58

Again, the problem is the varying magnetic field.  There is no realistic sheilding possible.  Ferrous metal (and a lot of it) would be required.  Running cables together and, better, a twist (even slight) minimizes the external magnetic field.  The maximum welding current is a result of the sensitivity to magnetic fields (and this has nothing to do with "magnet mode").

The RF field comes from the arc itself.  Depending in the welding technoligy, this may or may not be a problem.  Everything here is described by the manufacturers.

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