Ok this isn't a post about my pacemaker but about milk. I know wierd huh. I have an artifial aortic valve and I love milk. I was told by the Nurse practioner that I can't have whle milk just 2% but not every day beacause it will do something with my cholesterol and it could cause blood clots. I have no idea how all that works but I said ok. I haven't had a lot of milk since my surgery. Well then My wife got my to try a starbucks moka frappuccino and I absolutley loved it. Well I couldn't find out what type or how much milk was actually in them. She buys the bottled kind in the store. So Idon't drink but maybe one every couple of weeks. Sorry I'm dragging on. The question I have is does any one here have a mechanical heart valve and what did your Dr. say about milk? I've had 3 differnet answers from 3 different dpctors about milk. 1 says don't drink it 1 says drink only 2% every once in a while and 1 says drink what you want with the exception being alcohol. They all say don't drink alcohol because of the blood thinner which is fine because I only had a drink maybe once a month at a gathering.


Starbucks hack

by Tracey_E - 2023-03-28 10:15:24

They can make a frap with almond milk in the store. 

I can't think of the brand off the top of my head, but there are at least two bottled frap type drinks that are plant based so should not affect cholesterol. 

Enjoy the occasional treat

by Gemita - 2023-03-28 13:03:15

Biotronik, milk, even full fat, as part of a well balanced diet should in my opinion be perfectly safe, especially if you are taking cholesterol lowering meds, getting plenty of exercise and living a healthy lifestyle.  Life would be dull (and not worth living according to my husband) if we couldn’t occasionally allow ourselves a small treat. So something that you fancy every couple of weeks should hardly tip the scales out of balance and cause dangerous consequences.  I see you have had several different opinions already from “trusted” doctors about drinking whole milk. 

Take a look at the following links.  I am not so sure that skimmed/semi skimmed milk is any better than full fat milk for improving cholesterol levels?  So far, the research suggests that full fat dairy is no worse than low fat dairy and may in some instances be a healthier option. Previous studies have shown full fat dairy to be associated with lower risks of type 2 diabetes, for example.  So have another word with your general doctor and then make your decision, but Starbucks Moka Frappuccino sounds like a real treat to have occasionally, if you can avoid adding any extra sugar?

Caffeine content?  I see Moka Frappuccino is a low fat blend drink but can be high in caffeine (and no doubt sugar).  It seems that the caffeine content really depends on what type of Frappuccino you're drinking. A White Chocolate Mocha Frappuccino, for instance, has six times more caffeine than a Red Velvet Cake Creme Frappuccino, so do a bit of research.  If you suffer from palpitations (like me) you might find coffee + chocolate (which also contains caffeine) might trigger palpitations.

You will need to copy and past the following links into your main browser to open if you wish to read these:-


by docklock - 2023-03-28 14:22:23

Maybe I'm not understanding all about milk. cholesterol is cholesterol. 
My simple brain is telling me that where it comes from it's still cholesterol. 
Handful of bacon or a glass of milk. I realize the quantities may be different. 
if you've cut back on obvious cholesterol like the bacon I wouldn't think a glass of milk is bad.  

No Limits For Me

by MinimeJer05 - 2023-03-28 17:02:25


I too have an artficial aortic valve (mechanical) and I wasn't told to stop drinking milk, caffeine or alcohol. My docs simply said to do anything in moderation (which is something I would do before the valve and after). They said to keep an eye on alochol and how it interacts with me and warafarin (I don't drink excessively, never have, maybe a beer or two here and there).

I love ice cream, yogurt, milk and all sorts of dairy products. I continue to consume them in moderation and have had no issues with my valve or blood thinners.

Hope this helps.


cholesterol is cholesterol

by AgentX86 - 2023-03-28 17:53:15

Fat is cholesterol. Eating cholesterol laced food is no different than eating fatty food.  The body is going to convert fat to cholesterol anyway.  How much the body retains is metabolism and genetics. 

This is the reason that eggs are now good food.  Twenty years ago they were and evil communist plot.  It was found that the body is going to convert fat to cholesterol anyway. Ingesting cholesterol didn't raise levels.

A lot of anything is bad.  A little won't hurt.  Certainly a half a glass once in a while isn't going to even be noticed. That said, I've found I like 2%, even 1%, better than whole, or that evil blue milk.

Thank you

by Biotronik2 - 2023-03-29 12:54:13

Thnk you all for the comments. I have wondered why they specifically called out milk and not other fatty foods. I love bacon and when I cook it I always eat way to much but come on it's bacon. I am on cholesterolmedicine also. My physician is the one that told me to drink what I want with the exception being alcohol. She just said of the alcohol not to over do it which I never have. Alcoholism runs wild on one side of my family with the men and I've always said I'm breaking the link and not becoming a alcoholic. Gemita I'll check those links thank you. Again thank you everyone for the comments. I love this family.

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