FG Update

Hello all!

Well its been 10 days! My implant site is much less tender and swollen and there is no apparent infection. Hoorayyy!

And yes I feel better as I am more alert during the day, less exhausted in the evenings and don't have to sleep as much. No chest pain or shortness of breath. I can walk but they said I cannot drive for 2 whole weeks and no vigorous exercise for 6-8 weeks. 

Thanks, FG



What a Success Story!

by Gemita - 2023-04-03 13:57:22

FG, Oh this is still a wonderful Success Story.  Are you sure you are not saying all this because you want to please us?   It all sounds excellent news so far and you will soon be back to better than normal.

I am so happy for you.  An excellent update.  Long may it continue


by Mrw2350 - 2023-04-03 13:59:38

Glad you are feeling well .I am on day six .I can drive tomorrow and take shower  Yea 😊I have walked last five days and feel pretty good 

Thanks guys!

by FG - 2023-04-03 16:02:32

Ha Gemita! Well its not like I don't want to please ya'll!  After all you all tolerated me while I fooled around to make my decision! But yes its true I guess 4 cardiologists can't be all wrong...!


Mrw2350 Great to hear! Not sure why I can't drive yet maybe its that race Porsche or Bentley they saw over there in the driveway (not)!  Keep walking I'm glad I can do that too. The time will past fast and I can go back out on my boat. 

Great news!!!!

by Tracey_E - 2023-04-03 16:47:59

FG and Mrw, it makes me soooo happy to see both of you doing well!

Great news

by Mrw2350 - 2023-04-03 16:55:40

Thanks Tracey your wisdom and support has meant a lot😊


by Lavender - 2023-04-04 15:06:13

It was a long time coming but worth it because you're having a good experience and peace of mind. Boating season⛴️just around the bend. 


by Danno - 2023-04-11 15:34:38

I'm running about a week behind you and I have a similar story.  So glad I did it!


by FG - 2023-04-12 11:18:36

Glad to hear it Danno! As you'll see on here, the vast majority of people do just fine. Many of us have a an occasional little odd feeling, like I'll describe below, but nothing major. It really does seem to be only a small number that have significant problems. Actually I have an occasional weird little sensation not necessarily in my chest but kind of in my head and body, and I'm wondering if some of that is just the after effects of anesthesia because apparently it took them about 45 minutes to put the leads in place. I'm not sure why, haven't had a  follow up appointment yet to ask that question and I didn't have enough "snap" to ask it on the postop visit he made the next morning. But getting ready to go walking now with the dog, feeling pretty good, still not moving my arm too much I am exactly 19 days out and I don't wanna dislodge any leads you know! But all together feeling pretty good. No complaints. Not exactly perfect, but pretty close. 

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