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I hope all you be in best health situation!

Dear friends, Any of you knows using "sesame oil" for cooking make, is good for tachycardia or not?

I readed about it's positive effects in google. But I am not sure.



by Tracey_E - 2023-04-08 19:34:42

I would strongly not recommend getting medical advice from google. This is heresay at best.

Sesame oil is not good for cooking because it has a very low burn point. Usually it's added after cooking in very small amounts for flavor.

Thank you Angry sparrow & Tracey_E

by Sharif Joya - 2023-04-08 21:10:23

About physical activity my mom have very limited options because here we have no access to Swimming house. And about dancing, she feel too shy to dance because here in afghanistan dance is just for youngers. In this case ever day I help him to walk more. In the other hand we leave in seconds flowr and coming down and raisng back from stairs is so difficult for my mom. This is only option she has. 

about the Oils. It is one months my mom do not use oils and sault. Because we are afraid of her fast heart beat rate. It caused she feels languid and her blood pressure came low 100-90. 



Oils and salt

by Julros - 2023-04-10 01:35:21

Hello Sharif, 

I agree with Tracey, about using oils. I have not heard that oil can trigger a fast heart rate. Any vegetable oil, except coconut, should be fine for your mom. I believe olive oil is considered the healthiest.I use it for cooking all the time.  Unless her doctor has recommended it, I would not limit salt. Low salt intake can lead to low blood pressure. Also medicines that can treat the tachycardia can also lower blood pressure. Sometimes you have to find the balance between enough medicine to slow the heart rate, but not lower the blood pressure too much. 

I concur with the other post about your mom using dance for exercise. Any movement is helpful, and dance sounds enjoyable. Even if she can only do 10-20 minutes, that can be helpful. Perhaps you can find some YouTube videos that she can move with. If she cannot stand for long periods, even dancing while sitting in a chair is good. 


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