Pacemaker implant

Just fort those who are discouraged.   It took me 4 months to adapt to the pacemaker implant.  I entering my 6th month and have felt fine for the entire 5th month.  

For the first 4 months my pulse rate was all over the place,  I talked with the doctor several times, they checked out the pacemaker and it was ok.  

But it took my body 4 months to accept it.  All is good now and I a rebuilding my strength and stamina.

Good luck to you.


Erratic Pulse

by Penguin - 2023-04-25 03:06:19


Nice to see an encouraging post for people with new devices. 

As an additional note, I'd add that if your pulse rate was 'all over the place' for the first 4 months it isn't necessarily your body adjusting to the device. It can be that the implant procedure itself or the additional current used to bed the device in, triggers existing arrhythmia.  I don't know what your diagnoses are from your bio, but this is quite common. 

I'm pleased you're feeling good now. 



by Lavender - 2023-04-25 21:12:52

It took me seven months to feel that I was finally no longer having trouble adjusting to my pacemaker. 

Some people only take days, some weeks, some take months. I'm two years in and still see a massage therapist twice a month for my left arm. It's been prone to muscle knots since my device was inserted. 

Everyone heals at their own pace-pun intended. Glad you're feeling good!

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