blood test results for the past month

This is an updated blood test results.  So you do not have to go back to the last one i posted 30 days ago.  The numbers are lower just not quite there yet,  The high out of range are getting closer to being in range.

The doctor said these   results are from  the foods I was eating 2 to 3 months ago.  Have been eating better since then.  Hopefully the next blood test in about 30 days or 6 weeks will show how much better i have done.

Saw the acpuncture Doctor this afternoon, she was quited pleased that the A1c drop a point. because of not eating a lot of Cane Sugar for the past 3 months.  Because i had taken the ALCAt Food sensitivity test.  I know many do not beleive in this , but for me it has worked. Dropped about 10 pounds.  Said if i get the Creactive Protein down some more the others will follow.  Now back to taking 2 Algal Oil  berfore lunch and supper.  Also now taking 2 Red Yeast Rice before bed becuase of the extra Algal Oil.

One of the side effects from taking Algal Oil is it rasies the cholesterol both good and bad.  Too combat this i have now been taking an extra Red yeast Rice   supplement. at night.    Please do not start taking supplements until you speak with your doctor . Nor stop your prescriptions without speaking with your doctor.

The first number will be the new one, then the number from March 10 and then the range.

Ferritin          163      163              Range 15-150

C-Reative Protein, cardiac     2.03    1.48  Range 0.00-3.00

Homocyst(e)ine          18.3        16.7    Range 0.0-21.3

fibrinogen Activity        373      418   Range 193-507

cholesterol total          201       219     Range 100-199

Triglycerides               106       149    Range 0-149

LDL chol calc              119     138    Range 0-99

A1c                              5.8    6.8     Range 4.8-5.6

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by AgentX86 - 2023-04-27 01:19:15

Your A1C went up quite a bit.  Any relationship to your new diet?

I've been told, though haven't done it, that you can game the cholestrol numbers by overloading on cholerserol for a few days before the tests.  The body will then eliminate as much cholesterol as it can and actualy drop it.  The person I heard this from just didn't want his doctor to convince him to go on statins.  He thought they were really bad, which I sorta understand.

If my calculations are right, your HDL is 51, which isn't bad at all. As noted the 219 total cholesterol is kinda high but the 51 HDL does counteract that somewhat.  However, mine were similar to that when just before I had my CABG.  Now my HDL is 70ish and LDL 90ish (triglycerides about 30). My cerdiologist still doesn't like my LDL.  Oh well.

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by new to pace.... - 2023-04-27 02:11:05

Actually AgentX86 the A1c went down from 6.8 last month to 5.8 this time. Still high but better.  Did cut back on the cane sugar by stopping eating the Mocha Almond Milk fudge ice cream.

Will see the Doctor today thursday and we will dicuss this.  will report what she says.

new to pace


by AgentX86 - 2023-04-27 22:38:26

Sorry, I interpreted your columns backwards.

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