5 weeks in....

... thanks to all who talked me down the initial few weeks. That was, without a doubt, the scariest time of my life, and I was feeling VERY alone - so THANK YOU to everyone who replied and helped me through this. 
One of the turning points for me was about 1 and half weeks in and I did too much and I pulled my incision a bit. I realised then, and with your words, I **NEED** to take it easy and give myself the grace and time to HEAL. 

So, yah - I'm 5 weeks in, and feeling a lot better. I'd say 90% physically, and 70% mentally :D 
I still feel the weight and jiggle - but it's not as jarring? I'm learning to trust my magic pebble more. I still get a little anxious sometimes, I'll feel a little woozy and immediately jump back THAT night "IT'S HAPPENING AGAIN!!!" - but the woozy periods are getting less. 
Incision sensitivity is improving, and now I'm focussed on moving my arm a bit more as I feel the shoulder getting tight/knotted, and a cold draught really seems to affect it.
I am also working on not using it to support my chest/boob when walking - much to my kids' delight :D :D 

Still not sleeping as I did before - I tried on my left hand side, and it was sore - like I could feel an edge of the device or something.... but.... sleeping on my right is slightly better. 

I do actually feel like I have more energy than I did beforehand too. Could life actually be better post-pacemaker? :D 

Thanks again, really, I'd buy you all a beverage of choice if I could :) 
.... and any newbies - this too shall pass. Give yourself time and grace to heal and adapt. The seasoned pros here know their stuff. Perhaps one day I'll join their ranks. 

Oh, and I found a really nice medical alert bracelet on amazon, it's purple, and I'm loving it :D Just because I have to wear one now, doesn't mean it can't be one that gives me joy! :D 

Cheers! Hope everyone has a great weekend! 




by Penguin - 2023-04-28 16:06:32

Pleased to hear the update. 

Hope things continue to improve for you. 

Best Wishes


Good report!

by Lavender - 2023-04-28 18:33:56

You sound....NORMAL!

Sleeping takes some practice. I still (after two years with a pacemaker) pile pillows around me. I lean into a body pillow which goes between my knees. I have a pillow under my head. I hug a little pillow right against my pacemaker. 

It took 18 months about to fall asleep on my left side. I felt the pacemaker there and just felt my heart pounded more. Now I can sleep on either side but prefer the back or right. 

Yes-triggers like the slightest weird dizzy sensation make you think you're going to keel over, you panic a bit. You must train your brain that you are SAFE! Tell yourself that you are ok. Tell yourself that your pacemaker is doing its job well.  The mental battle can linger after the physical battle calms down. After all, your life felt threatened. It takes a long time to trust again. 

I love my medic alert heart necklace. So many people comment on it. 

I will drink a lemon ginger tea to toast you! 🫖☕️

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