2nd ablation

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I had an ablation 2 years ago for Afib and a PM installed about 15 months ago.  I do feel better than I did prior to the ablation and the PM install but afib is back.  I have some symptoms but nothing compaired to 2 years ago.  I see my EP next week, I do not know what they will suggest but I am guessing a second ablation.  I did not like the recovery period after the ablation, it was almost 2 weeks of very limited activity before I felt better.  Anyone on here have any info to share after the second ablation, was it a similar recovery or was it worse or easier.  Yes, I understand that everyone has different results and recovery periods.  Just looking for any experience after a seconf ablation.  Thanks  


2nd Ablation

by Julros - 2023-05-02 19:10:52

I underwent a 2nd ablation in March, but it is difficult to compare the two procedures. My pacemaker was implanted at the same time, so I was under those restrictions. And I had quite a bit of discomfort from the pacer. My first ablation was for atrial flutter, with is usually a single pathway, so the procedure was relatively quick. 

For this latest ablation, the procedure took quite a bit longer, due to having an atypical presentation. I had more problems recovering from the anesthesia that the prodedure. I was very jittery yet wobbly for 2 days after due receiving steroids. And I had a lot of gastrointestinal problems and chest pain for the first 5 days. I kept my activity pretty low for the first 3 days, then started walking, and resumed leisurely jogging after 7 days. I was back to my usual level after 14 days. 

Your EP may want to try meds first, and a cardioversion before doing another ablation. A lot depends on how symptomatic you are. 


by godrew - 2023-05-03 09:01:12

Thanks Julros, I am on meds and have already done a cardioversion, they may increase my meds thought.  I am just curious on experience after second ablation.  I am sort of jumping the gun since that has not actually been discussed yet, I just think that will be the option knowing that a second procedure was always a possibility.  Thanks

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