A little update from my appointment yesterday. It was like information overload! He thinks it's moreso my heart than the CLS. He has thought I had IST since I started seeing him. He upped my ivabradine to 7.5 twice a day. He thinks I will end up having a sinus node ablation but is worried because I have had so many complications. He said my risk of infection is very high having a 4th surgery in 2 years and am lucky not to have had one yet. The helix on my RV lead is into my heart too much so he is talking about possibly taking it out. He has been told by Biotronik that their CLS has to have both leads so we may have to switch to Medtronic. He is going to a conference this month and is going to ask some questions about my situation there. I go back to him June 13th.


SI node ablation

by AgentX86 - 2023-05-05 23:45:20

Did he say why your risk of infection was high? It's odd switching manufacturers too.  Can't CLS just be turned off?

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