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Hello all,

Instead of only asking for advice and complaining about my pain and soreness, I wanted to give back some comments to others going through the same thing. My intial PM surgery on April 3rd, and then my lead revision on April 20th. So it was 17 days from the first to second surgery then 17 days to today.

So initially I had issues with breathing and a lot of soreness preventing me from sleeping. I'll pretty much blame the missing wire connection they had to fix. They tried to blame me, but I did not raise my arm... 

Anyway, Now the breathing isn't an issue and the soreness is soreness is there but it's at least not so bad as before.

So lately I've been walking on the treadmill at 3.7 mph without issues. I go to the gym to also do leg exercises and without issue.

I live in Orlando so I've been visiting Disney again, and I can go on mild rides and haven't had issues with the security entry. I'm waiting 2 months before going on roller coasters again.

Sorry for rambling but I'm trying to cover as much as possible. Im thankful for those who gave me advice, you know who you are, so that I don't lie awake at night wondering what's normal. The mention of the scar tissue was eye opening and that's likely a could of lots of the soreness. I'm looking forward to the glue wearing down/ out so that the incision site isn't so tight and I'm thankful of who pointed that out.

Now moving forward to my next 2 weeks, I'm curious at what point you all have started to reintroduce different exercises so that your left arm can build up strength again?. I'm seeing all kinds of online advice saying wait 2 months, others say 4 weeks. I'm confused. I don't want to push it, and require another lead revision, but the left arm will needs to get back to normal. I also would love to get a massage on my left should/ arm at some point, but my doctor said wait 2 months. I'm curious about your experience and thoughts.

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thanks for your update

by new to pace.... - 2023-05-07 17:30:32

You can  do most with your left arm except raise it above you shoulder.  Slowly at first untill you feel the pull. Also lift only something light.  Mostly listen to your doctor.  As i said before once your stiches are out. 

You can try acupuncture on your scar tissue. Make sure you find one who is licensed.  If you PM me can ask my acupuncturist for one in your area .  As i am in Sarasota.

new to pace


by AgentX86 - 2023-05-07 18:30:43

There is warning about roller coasters with magnetic brakes.  Check with your cardiologist/EP.  These tend to be the big, scary, ones. 😉

Reaching behind your back or full extension forward is in the same class of motion as raising your arm above your head. You want to move the shoulder but not over-extend it.  Don't do it until your doctors tell you that you can.

Lead revision?

by koala - 2023-05-09 02:29:41

Welcome to the club! :) 

I was told not to lift my left arm higher than horizontal for the first 3 months. After that everything was fine, I painted my house in month 4.

I struggled with mild soreness and itchiness for more than a year. It's better now, I don't have itchiness anymore.

I presume a "lead revision" means they had to get you back, cut it open, and fix up some connections? 

I've been wondering whether there's something wrong with mine, despite my doctor who did the op and whom I've been seeing for check up in the past 2 years saying everything is fine. I suspect there's a current leakage, which they mitigated by lowering the voltage. It used to cause involutary muscle spasms near the PM.

I'm just hoping that next time when the PM is replaced, they'll connect the new one better. For now I'll manage.

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