How many months prior to end of battery life can I fly


Can I fly long distnce out of country with my pacmaker showing 6 months battery life.


How strong are your arms?

by AgentX86 - 2023-05-29 20:04:04

How  long are you going to be out of the country? As the battery gets closer to end of life, its battery health becomes more accurate. If the ERI (elective replacement indiaor) flag isn't active you should be fine. After that, you'll even have another three months of normal operation.

The next question would be, what would happen if the battery did fail?  Are you dependent?

Any of these questions should be asked of your cardiologist but I would give 90% odds that he won't even think before answering.


by Tracey_E - 2023-05-30 09:51:00

In my experience (on #5) 6 months can mean as little as 1-2 months or as long as a year or more. At that time, we still have a 3 month cushion when it's fully functional and we don't feel any different. After that we have a 3 month window with limited function when it no longer goes up and down on demand. If we pace a lot, it won't feel good at this point. I've never gone to this stage. 

I've got 12 months left on my current device, and have 2 extended trips out of the country planned for October and December. I have a check in September. If it turns out it's depleting faster than expected, I'll discuss with my doctor whether to do it before or after the trips. But I'm still going on my trips :o)  

I left for vacation less than a week after two of my changes. I avoided the ocean and pool, other than that nothing changed. (Ok, I did use it as an excuse to get my husband to carry my luggage but I could have done it on my own) 

If your leads are in good shape, changes are super easy. Restrictions the first time were the leads healing, most of the soreness was from the new pocket. This time they can go in the scar tissue so it's much less painful and heals a lot faster. Leads can last through several devices. We only have to be careful of the incision until it heals. 

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