Dr Wilkoff

Has anyone seen Dr Bruce Wilkoff at the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio?


I am traveling there from CA the end of the month to discuss possible lead extraction.

I have two 25 year old abandoned leads that caused SVC Syndrome (90% & 80% blockages) that I had diagnosed and treated with balloon angioplasty in March.

however because angioplasty is only a temporary fix I want the abandoned leads extracted before they can cause anymore issues. I am also due for a new generator this year so perfect time to do both things at once and have only one recovery.


I have read a lot about Dr Wilkoff and believe he is one of if not the top doctor in the country did lead extraction.


has anyone else dealt with symptomatic SVC syndrome or lead extraction? I'd be interested in hearing about about experiences.





Dr. Wilkoff

by Good Dog - 2023-06-12 08:53:35

I just sent you a private message.

The Good Doctor

by doublehorn48 - 2023-06-12 11:22:24

Like you I had heard of Dr. Wilkoff since my wife researches doctors when it pertains to my health. I had lead extraction in 2017 by Dr. Wilkoff at the Cleveland Clinic. Everything went great even though my leads were twisted. There's a hotel that connects to the Cleveland Clinic. I went in the winter and it was helpful since I could just walk across on the covered walkway. I stayed one day after my procedure at the hotel and then flew home. Dr. Wilkoff has patents on some of the instruments used in lead extraction. You want someone that has done extractions and he has done hundreds. You will be in good hands with this extremely capable doctor.

Lead extraction

by Amyelynn - 2023-06-13 10:44:39

Thanks doublehorn I appreciate your comment!

can't believe you flew back home next day! How was the recovery process? Was it similar to first pacer installed? No lifting of heavy items for awhile? How was the pain? 

did you have two or four leads extracted?

thanks again!


by doublehorn48 - 2023-06-13 13:13:08

I stayed one day after the extraction. Left 2 days after the procedure. I saw Dr. Wilkoff the day after the extraction. The pain wasn't that bad. I think I just took some tylenol. I was back to work in a few weeks. The Cleveland Clinic ran a lot of tests before my extraction. They're very thorough with each patient. I had 2 leads extracted. As an aside, it seemed that the staff was somewhat in awe of Dr. Wilkoff. So am I.

Wilkoff patient

by TheJessica88 - 2023-07-06 01:43:56

Hello! I am a 42 year old patient of Dr. Wilkoff! I am also a nurse at the Cleveland Clinic. I have a pacemaker (#4 over 27 years) and now have SVC syndrome. We are currently in the process of surgery work up for lead and generator extraction and implant a leadless pacemaker! He previously extracted one of my leads in 2011. 

Cost | Budget

by Cat111 - 2023-10-16 10:04:11

Hi - my pacer is rapidly depleting battery wise and I will need to get at least one lead extracted. It seems this guy is the best around.  Any ballpark for getting a new pacer and extraction?  I am Canadian so this would be out of pocket.  Also, anyone recommend going in person for a second opinion vs telehealth?

Amy, how did your experience go?

Thanks to all in advance.

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