accelerated junctional rythm

Anyone have a junctional rhythm abnormality? 

My pacemaker is working well but I have this additional diagnosis of accelerated junctional rhythm.

Now being treated with calcium channel blocker - I feel better but still have some symptoms.


Nice to hear from you again

by Gemita - 2023-07-01 13:48:01

Hello Laurie, we have been in touch before.  It is reassuring that your pacemaker is working well but I am sorry that you are having to deal with an accelerated junctional rhythm.   I hope the Calcium Channel Blocker is helping with some of your symptoms but of course it cannot stop this rhythm disturbance completely, only calm any symptoms.

Are your doctors and you happy to continue as you are for the moment, or have they recommended further treatment, for example anti arrhythmic meds or an ablation?   A Calcium Channel Blocker or a Beta Blocker may be the first meds they try before progressing to anti arrhythmic meds and then finally to an AV Node ablation, particularly if you are very symptomatic?

I attach a few older Pacemaker Club posts from members discussing Accelerated Junctional Rhythm, in case they are of help as well as a link from the Cleveland Clinic about this rhythm disturbance.  I hope your symptoms improve with your current medication alone, but if not, that there is more they can do with your pacemaker settings to alleviate your symptoms.  

The following links should be copied and pasted into your main general browser to open:- tachycardia is a rare,the wrong signal from traveling

junctional rythm

by laurieb03 - 2023-07-01 15:00:41

hi gemita,

 i think ill call  you the mother of the group!!you have been so kind to respond.

so ive been on the ccb for 4 weeks and it is better. ep wants me to keep him posted. weve already increased the dose to 240 mg.

i have been tryint to move slowly as the symptoms occur with quick movements like getting out of bed. i am pleased to date but will try to get it perfoect with the beta b or ask about the ablation. 

thanks for the references and your help as usual. it s good to know others have heard of this issue and may have solutions.

stay well.


Juncrional rhythm

by AgentX86 - 2023-07-01 23:03:53

The problem with a junctional rhythm is that, unlike SVTs, it comes from the AV node or bundle of His, so can't be ablated without a full AV node ablation.  This is a rather extreme measure but can certainly be done (I have but for a different reason). A two (or three) lead pacemaker, in DDD(R) mode, would then "short" across the AV node.  This is probably what you already have.


I also experience junctional rythyms

by cramsay - 2023-08-19 07:05:28


No advice here,  just commiserating lol.


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