New pacemaker

New pacemaker four days ago with leads to upper and lower heart chambers. Purpose to stabilize slow pulse. Currently experiencing dull pain upper chest. Particularly when take deep breath. Speculate could be from upper lead but not sure. No reply from pacemaker clinic in Victoria BC so far. Anyone with similar experience?


Tough to say...

by BradyJohn - 2023-07-10 19:44:43

Hi Taxbarron,

It really is tough to say what might be causing your pain.  It could be simply from having had a device implanted in your chest.  Did they say anything about post-op pain?  I'm in Alberta so I don't know what options you have in BC to reach out for medical support.  Is there a 'warm line' ie 811 you can call?  Regardless, I think I would find a medical professional for support.

I hope it goes well for you,


Agree with BradyJohn

by Penguin - 2023-07-11 16:49:02

Dull pain when breathing in isn't something I'd expect four days after surgery.  An explanation would be helpful. I agree with John that in your shoes I would want to speak to a medical professional - just in case something isn't right. 

I have no idea what the cause of the pain might be, but please post again once you have been seen or spoken to someone.  It may also be worth hanging on here for alternative answers as there are some people on here with lots of experience of pacemaker surgery. 

Good luck & Best wishes


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