Forever marked

I want to get a tattoo near my scar to honor the pacemaker. Any suggestions?



by Julros - 2023-07-20 22:25:42

I would not advise tattooing on top of your device or wires. I have seen tats on inner wrists, that look like a rhythm strip, matching your rhythm. I've thought about one with my old rhythm of a flutter, then a cartoon heart and then an AV paced rhythm, perhaps on my forearm to provide enough room to show both rhythms. 

De plane, boss, de plane!

by AgentX86 - 2023-07-21 00:19:44

I would think that tatooing over a sub-Q pacemaker would be a very bad idea.  Any infection could be a disaster, as in a life threateningly very bad idea. I can imagine that it would hurt like hell, too.


by Tracey_E - 2023-07-21 09:07:51

I've been told not to get anything directly over the pacer, but there are lots of pictures online of people who did just that. Ask your doctor. 

If I ever get up the nerve to do it, I want a tattoo that looks like an anklet with a heart charm on it with my paced heartbeat through the middle of the heart. 

If you google pacemaker tattoo designs, there are lots of ideas from a photo of the pacer right over the pacer to jumper cables to inspirational quotes. 

Lots of ideas here:

Iron Man

by just - 2023-07-21 09:29:09

My wife wants me to get an Iron Man tattoo. She loves my pacemaker and says now I have a magic technological device that will never let my heart stop beating. I had the same questions as some other commenters on whether you can get a tattoo over the pacemaker. . . 


by new to pace.... - 2023-07-21 10:21:52

If it was me i would be concerned that since you are young you will be having many replacements.  After a while your tatto will have a strange look to it.  After many incisions. If you really want this do wait until at least a year for your incision to heal without a possible infection from those dyes on your skin.

new to pace                                                                             



by doublehorn48 - 2023-07-21 14:01:09

I had a MRI several years ago and I was asked if I had any tattoos. I was told it was best if I didn't have tattoos and especially tattoos with red ink. Can't remember the reasons against red ink, but you might want to check it out.

Blood thinners and tats

by Daedalus - 2023-07-21 18:50:59

Taking any blood thinners? Tattoos not recommended.  More bleeding and infection risk.  Check google:  "blood thinners and tattoos."    Maybe some of those tats that apply the pattern and last for a couple weeks could be satisfactory.   Glad I got all mine long before my PM and meds.  

Not over pacemaker

by Lavender - 2023-07-21 22:54:25

I have no tats. My son is covered. My thoughts are not to get one over the pacemaker site or near it. One day you will get a replacement and that would most likely change the appearance of the skin again. 🥴

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