Fell on Shoulder..

Hi.. I fell hard on my left shoulder( pacemaker side) 7 days ago.... Pacing is fine, but have soreness in the left armpit and when I sneeze.. Thank you...


fell on shoulder

by new to pace.... - 2023-07-29 13:09:02

You might go to urgent care and get an xray to make sure you did not break it or your ribs.  Also to get to make sure your leads an pacemaker are ok.  Am pretty sure you are quite sore.   That is what i have done.

new to pace


sounds about right

by Tracey_E - 2023-07-29 15:21:00

We bruise, the pacer keeps on pacing. Between having large dogs and raising kids, I've had more than a few hard hits over the years. If in doubt, you can send a pacing report with your home monitor, but odds of something wrong with the pacer are slim, esp if you're still pacing and feeling normal. A report will show if something happened to the leads. 

There used to be a video on Heartbeat International's website about a boy who was shot. The pacer stopped the bullet, saved his life, and kept on pacing. They are titanium. The leads are thin and flexible and designed to move with us. 

If your shoulder doesn't start to feel better, get it looked at. 

Get checked

by Lavender - 2023-07-29 19:47:37

The pain upon sneezing makes me think you should get your ribs checked out. So sorry to hear of your pain in this mishap!

You had your pacemaker since 2017 so I would guess your leads are very well imbedded and the pacemaker is fine. 

feel better soon🤜🏻🤛🏻

Similar Experience

by JiminyC - 2023-07-29 21:44:35

About a month after my PM was implanted, I fell backwards while going up the stairs in my house (I had some things in my hands, so wasn't using the hand rail -- not too smart on my part!). I crashed into the wall on my right shoulder at the bottom landing, hard enough to break through the plaster wall. Very painful! My partner insisted that I be seen at the Emergency Department of our local medical center, where quite a commotion ensued. EKGs, evaluation by a cardiac device technician, x-rays, thousands of questions, even a visit by a social worker! It all seemed a bit much. It turned out nothing was broken, no problems with my PM or the leads, just a very sore right shoulder and arm. Anyway, it took about a month before I got more or less back to normal, and even now, two months later, It's still uncomfortable to try sleeping on my right side, and I still have some discomfort in my armpit when lifting anything weighing more than a pound or two -- or when I sneeze. My doctor says it will eventually improve.

Thank you!

by gerale1 - 2023-07-30 10:13:36

Thank you, New to Pace, Tracy E., Lavender and JimmyC... So much!.. I feel better already!..Sincerely, GeraLe1

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