hi guys

thanks for your input on my last posting.  question now is they used the right wrist and then they went near the elbow and said they couldn't find or get what they wanted near elbow bend area so they went to the groin as backup and i remember them saying they went there to check pressure.

they also said NO  STENTS .   get rest then back to regular full time work after a week with NO RESTRICTION.

what are the thoughts on what might be next.



by AgentX86 - 2023-08-02 22:58:09

Sometimes they don't have the space in the radial artery for the catheter.  Oh, well, he tried.

It sounds like you're in great shape. You don't seem to have any blockages but you need to talk to your cardiologist for more details but it's looking good.  If something were reall amiss, they wouldn't have let you go without more information.

I'm not sure why you were there but it seems the most serious possibilies have been eliminated.


by Julros - 2023-08-03 13:18:30

Hi Chip, its difficult to say what is next. The angiogram looked at blood flow going to your heart muscle, and it seems that it was found to be adequate.Sometimes they will measure the pressures inside of the heart to assess how well it is pumping, but not always. 

 Further testing will be based on your symptoms. I am not sure what your primary concern is. Unfortunately, sometimes a primary cause for heart issues cannot be found, so the best one can do is optimize their health, through health eating, exercise, and avoiding toxins like tobacco. 


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