Blood pressure

Hi , I'm new to the Pacemaker club . First implant (Dual chamber) pacemaker 26th July 2023.As always there are many questions which I hope with the knowledge you guys have can shed some light on the various topics. 

Since implantation seems I have changes in BP (increase) not the normal steady state. Discussed with GP and decided to increase my Losartan which has reduced the BP considerable. Bloods and review in 2 weeks. Your thought would be very welcome ?



Blood pressure

by AgentX86 - 2023-08-14 18:01:34

Welcome to the club. Sorry that your here but you're welcome anyway.

That seems reasonable.  Your heart is probably pumping more efficiently now so, given the rest of the body is the same, a rise in the heart rate isn't really unexpected.  It's not the usual case because hypertension doesn't have a lot to do with the heart but it's reasonable that it could.

Your doctor seems to be on top of things so there isn't anything to worry about.


Blood Pressure changes

by Lamak - 2023-08-26 14:42:48

I got my pacemaker in mid June 2023 and noticed that after that my blood pressure was eratic.  I was also having atrial flutter which has now been corrected by a Non invasive procedure using the pacemaker to restore normal rythem.  My normal heart rate befor the pacemaker was 45 bmp and now the base is set at 60 bmp.  This is the highest resting heart rate I have ever had and I think my body is still getting use to it.  I am an active runner and have had a lower heart rate due to 40 years of cardio training.  I have increased  magnesium and L-arginine supplements and think this is helping the blood pressure to become more stable.  I am hoping that as my body gets use to the pacemaker blood pressure will again normalize.  If not I may have to get into some BP medications but I prefer natual solutions if possible

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