Hiccups and shortness of breath

HI Everyone

I had my BiV pacemaker put in June 1 this year so 2 1/2 months post op.  The last couple of weeks I had a recurrence of shortness of breath when bending over and also I could not seem to stop myself from lifting which also caused some problems with shortness of breath and pain under the ribs.  Then I stopped lifting etc but found that I continued to have this pain in my diaphragm and I could not catch my breath at times.  I know when my anxiety kicks in and this is not anxiety, not at first anyway.  My anxiety  has been pretty good over the last few months and I would get easily overwhelmed and then could not catch my breath, like it was being blocked in my chest.  I would have to work hard to calm my diaphragm area to relax it andjust allow myself to breath calmly.  So, this week I am not experiencing this.  But the last few days I have been experiencing hiccups - three times yesterday, a couple of times the day before that, and once the day before that.  I very seldom ever get hiccups.  Have not had them for months.  I am not feverish but do feel hot and flushed from time to time over the last week.  Should I be concerned?  Concern is endocarditis (secondary concern is phrenic nerve being too close to the wire perhaps?).  Can endocarditis show up after two months?  At my 6 week checkup I asked for a cardiologist due to other symptoms and he wanted an echo and this showed a small amount of water on the heart.  Could these symptoms be a result of the water and perhaps water on the heart is increasing...  I know we are not doctors, but wondering if this sounds at all  like I am heading for a bigger infection or other problem. Thanks



by Lavender - 2023-08-14 12:28:57

I've had pericarditis and some of what you described sounds like that. Some also sounds like phrenic nerve issues. Best solution rather than guessing is to report this to your cardiologist. Perhaps a chest xray is in order. 

Sorry to read this and hoping you get much deserved relief soon. 


by Penguin - 2023-11-12 18:12:59

 I think that pleurisy can cause hiccups Fuller.  Also lung problems can feel like cardiac problems.  Have you had your lungs checked out?

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